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How To Draw Disney’s Villains – Top 10 Characters

If you are dreaming about your next Disney vacation, I have an idea to share with your children that will keep their creativity juices flowing! Check out this art lesson filled with how to draw Disney villains inspiration! All of your favorite characters are included. So, dive right in.

How To Draw Disney's Villains

Listen, I am all about the princesses and the princes. Heck, I even love those funny sidekicks that are always around to blurt out the perfect punchline. But what movie isn’t complete without a Disney villain? The one that keeps the story moving? The one that has the backstory you can’t wait to learn more about. The one we all love to hate.

Me? I’m a villain girl. Yeah, I said it. So, when I sit down with my kids for our weekly drawing lessons, of course we like to include villains in our 30 Day drawing challenges!

Sometimes it all begins with nature drawings for kids, then we spend some time figuring out how to draw Disney characters privately, and we typically wrap things up by heading outside and filling our sidewalks with things to draw with chalk. Either way, as long as my kids are being creative – I’m happy!

How To Draw Disney’s Villains – Top 10 Characters

If you want to figure out how to draw Maleficent, how to draw Scar or Ursula or any other evil no-good doer from the Disney realm… you are in LUCK! I rounded out ten of our favorites! Let me know what you think about these choices.

How To Draw Maleficent

I would NEVER start a Disney villain drawing lesson without Maleficent. She is the queen of all queens. My favorite dark villain and that is before the remake! I almost named my daughter Aurora. Ask my mom!

If you want to know how to draw Maleficent – check out this great video tutorial! Easy to follow and the results are incredible.


How To Draw Scar

Did I ever tell you about the absolute nervous breakdown I had while in the theatre watching The Lion King while I was in High School? No? Yeah – that happened. I was BAWLING. Like – major TEARS. Migraine. I was not ready for that movie. I didn’t understand the magnitude and POWER that Disney could have over me until this movie.

I have major Daddy issues (like he isn’t in my life) and watching The Lion King was therapy times 1000 with a big slap in my face and what is HAPPENING OMG? Scar was HORRIBLE and I wanted to protect SIMBA and WHY COULDN’T I SAVE HIM? I’m tearing up even now.

how to draw scar

I even REMEMBER WHO I WAS SITTING NEXT TO because it was that traumatic. Yes, Scar is a villain for sure. Here’s how to draw Scar in case you are in the mood. Have fun. Then cry yourself to sleep and… remember……..

How To Draw Ursula

So, if I had to be any evil villain, I think I’d might want to be Ursula… but don’t quote me on that. I’m not entirely sure. I want to sleep on it. She is just so fun. And I just love the way she moves around and has that BIG VOICE … just OWNING STUFF! YEAH! Also, purple eyeshadow.

Here’s how to draw Ursula. I think I just love her fake eyelashes. I don’t really want to be her. But I do want to know where she buys her cosmetics.


How To Draw Jafar

We keep watching Aladdin on repeat now that we have a lot of time on our hands and Jafar get pretty powerful at one point. He just gets in his own way. If he was JUST a little smarter… he would have been the greatest villain of all time. Oh well.

If you want to know how to draw Jafar – you got it!!

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How To Draw Gaston

I tried so hard to find a real Gaston, but I couldn’t! But you know what? Adorable Gaston is equally as good. Check out his hair and his little outfit. I cannot! Here’s how to draw Gaston in a very cute version.


How To Draw The Evil Queen

She is just so MEAN looking right? But she also has purple eyeshadow! Can we talk about his? Red lip. Purple eyeshadow. What is the deal? I know purple is royal. Is that why??? The Evil Queen is so SERIOUS.

I know that my children always ask for me to pull up this how to draw the evil queen tutorial and now you have it!!

How To Draw Captain Hook

I can’t take Captain Hook serious and I never did – even as a child. He’s just a cod fish, after all! But he is a villain in the Disney world and I think it would be fun to learn how to draw this Peter Pan character before sinking in for a family movie night.

How To Draw The Queen Of Hearts

If you ever wanted to know how to draw the Queen of Hearts, I will tell you that there are plenty of ideas online to consider. But they are all HARD. I didn’t want to include them because I wanted to keep little kids in mind.

I found this fun little version and thought it would do. Check it out! Super cute.

How To Draw Cruella De Vil

This is one Disney villain’s name I cannot say without singing. She has a song that just stuck with me!! After all, if she doesn’t scare you… nobody will! Look at this WILD version of Cruella. I mean those cheek bones are all over the place! Too much filler! Too much FILLER!

How To Draw Hades

I love the movie Hercules! I actually really love Greek mythology – period! So, I had to end this entire post with a video showing you how to draw Hades! This would be really fun to color afterwards. A great day of creative fun if you ask me.

how to draw ursula

Drawing Disney Villains With The Family

So, what do you think? Are you ready to grab some crayons, markers, pencils, and pens and get to work?! Which villain do you want to start with first? Would love to hear!


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