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Sketchbook Ideas – How Do I Make My Sketchbook Interesting?

Art and freeform expression is really important in my house to help clear our minds on particularly stressful days. When we are working on our sketchbook ideas, we usually draw whatever comes to thought. But sometimes, a little inspiration goes a long way.

Sketchbook Ideas

If you are looking for ways to make your sketchbook a bit more interesting and exciting, this post will give you a few ideas to consider. Every artist needs inspiration and motivation. Take this post as a means to get those creative juices flowing.

How Do I Make My Sketchbook Interesting

Sketchbook Ideas – How Do I Make My Sketchbook Interesting?

Before you get to my sketchbook ideas tips, I want you to think about how you approach sketching. How much time do you spend on each page? Do you set a time limit to each creation? Is it 5 minutes or is it one day.

Can you keep going back to that drawing over and over again to fine tune it? Are you a perfectionist? Or do you view your art book as something you can pick up, sketch in, and release?

Do you need to have color on every page? Are you choosing to only pencil or marker or chalk? Do you mind having different elements on every page? Do you have… sketchbook rules?

There are no right or wrong answers of course. This is because there are no right or wrong answers in art. As long as you feel that release while you are expressing yourself, you are successful.

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What can I draw in my sketchbook?

What can I draw in my sketchbook?

I wanted to give you a list of ideas to consider the next time you sit down to sketch. Here are 31 different designs to incorporate – one for every day of the longest month.

  1. Personal portrait
  2. View of the park
  3. Favorite celebrity
  4. Your mother
  5. Childhood memory
  6. Hands and feet
  7. Flower garden
  8. Fill the entire page with geometric shapes
  9. Orchestra
  10. Kitchen counter
  11. Spilled coffee
  12. A black cat
  13. A beautiful woman
  14. An overturned boat
  15. Stormy night
  16. Loneliness
  17. Draw something using only circles
  18. Draw something using only straight lines
  19. A snake on top of a tree
  20. A fireplace
  21. A protest
  22. A ballerina that’s fallen
  23. Someone walking away
  24. A mysterious stranger
  25. A famous building
  26. Two people holding hands
  27. Stairways to nowhere
  28. Something magical
  29. Confusion
  30. The back of the bus
  31. Under the bed

How do you start a sketchbook?

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Is starting a sketchbook something you are considering? Perhaps you haven’t even purchased one yet! Well, I am so glad that you found this post because I am here to tell you that you should absolutely take up this passion project. It is something you will do for the rest of your life.

It doesn’t matter if you are an accountant or a doctor or a secretary. You don’t need to have an art degree. You just need to love to draw and the people who are born with this magic inside of them just can’t STOP creating. Am I right?

sketchbook drawings

So, grab a sketchbook of your choice and let it all go!

How can I sketch better?

How can I sketch better?

How can I sketch better? The question that everyone asks, right? Practice and less judgement. I think we should start there.

But also consider using different mediums on one page. Making a hard fast rule to not erase anything. Forgiving yourself and realizing that this book will represent a journey. If you don’t like something today, you might look back on it in 6 months and realize how much you’ve grown. Progress is a beautiful thing.

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And PS, if you happen to draw a view of a cafe while out with friends and it turns out OK… in 6 months when you look back at that sketch, you will remember that day fondly. So, stop being so hard on yourself. It’s all good.

Drawing Ideas For Your Sketchbook – Will You Begin Today?

Now that you have lots of drawing ideas for your sketchbook, will you pick up a pencil and start making magic today? I can’t wait to see what you create.

As you can see, I’ve included several accounts I found online via Instagram. Consider opening up an IG account dedicated to sketching and sketch drawings! There are so many hashtags to consider

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Hashtags For Sketch Drawing

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