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How To Draw Disney Characters: 10 Favorites

A lot of children are searching online trying to learn how to draw Disney characters and with good reason! With all this time spent at home, it’s the perfect time to work on their arts and craft skills.

How To Draw Disney Characters

There are so many wonderful tutorials geared towards teaching kids to draw. If you are a Disney fan, I found some of our favorites with simple instructions and incredibly understanding instructors. Exactly what we are looking for as parents.

How To Draw Disney Characters

So, grab some crayons and paper, find a comfortable seat, and get settled. Sprinkle some pixie dust over your head and let your imagination flow! Drawing Disney characters is a great way to remember just how much you love their movies and how these friends make you feel.

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How To Draw Mickey Mouse

how to draw mickey mouse

Did you know that the official Disney blog has a wide array of content dedicated to this very subject? Your kids can learn how to draw Mickey Mouse at home with their easy-to-follow tutorial! Click here to get started.

How To Draw The Little Mermaid

Mark Henn Animator Little Mermaid

Believe it or not, I actually took a drawing class with Mark Henn – the animator behind The Little Mermaid (plus a few other MAJOR titles). You can read all about my experience here. What an incredible afternoon!

how to draw the little mermaid

I actually BROKE my VHS tape of The Little Mermaid growing up. That’s how many times I watched it – over and over again. We had to buy a second copy! It’s one of my all-time favorite Disney movies to date.

I found a kid-friendly tutorial explaining how to draw the Little Mermaid online for you to check out. It highlights Ariel’s face and is easy to follow. We are going to try it as a family as soon as I finish writing up this post!

I’ve always wanted to learn how to draw The Little Mermaid! Look at this stuff. Isn’t it neat? When you are finished, you can check out my Little Mermaid coloring pages for Disney more fun.

How To Draw Winnie The Pooh

how to draw winnie the pooh

We all love Winnie the Pooh and Tigger, too! It makes complete sense that children are interested in learning more about how to draw this Disney character.

Here is a simple explanation for kids highlighting how to draw Winnie the Pooh looking just as cute as ever. It’s so funny because once you see an artist taking their time and break down his face – one piece at a time – you can truly understand that you can do IT!

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How To Draw Goofy For Kids

Whenever I go on the bus to head to one of the Disney parks, I always remember how much I love Goofy! Or better yet, whenever I take one of the Disney Cruises and I spend time in the room and watch those classic cartoons while in the bed with the kids… I remember why I love Goofy. He is such a… GOOF!

If your kids want to learn how to draw Goofy, here is a great YouTube tutorial.

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How To Draw Moana

I know a girl from an island. She stands apart from the crowd… Oh, sorry. I can’t think of Moana without singing. I LOVE THIS MOVIE SO MUCHHHHHHHHHHH. Also, I can’t watch Moana without crying, but that is another idea entirely. I told the creators that when I met them. Want to read all about it?

Here is a great tutorial about how to draw Moana and it is specifically made for kids. But… I’m changing it up with this one. I chose a different version of Moana – a cute version. Because all the others I found online looked a bit hard for kids. This is a BABY version of MOANA. RUN WITH ME!

I think your kids would get a kick out of this how to draw Moana tutorial – baby style. 🙂 Try it out.

How To Draw Alice In Wonderland

Oh, Alice. Curiouser and Curiouser. Such a classic! One of my favorite movie for QUOTES. I was having a bit of a breakdown the other day and wrote a whole post about how it sort of related to Alice in Wonderland. Don’t believe me? Read – I Don’t Know Who I Am.

Anyway – back to kids who want to learn how to DRAW DISNEY CHARACTER! 🙂 Here is a great tutorial on how to draw Alice in Wonderland. I think it captures the sweetness in her face. Love it so much.

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How To Draw Daisy Duck

She is sassy and fashionable and takes NOTHING from NOBODY! And yes, that is a double negative and I know it. But anything goes with Daisy Duck!

Ready to learn how to draw Daisy Duck? Use this tutorial from Disney and enjoy! I just love her big bow!

How To Draw Elsa Step By Step

I found another amazing video all about how to draw Elsa step by step. This is a cute version of the Disney snow princess. I could not resist it!

I mean, check out her outfit – can you stand it? I am obsessed!! I started to watched it and then my daughter say what I was doing and she was all about it. Next thing I knew, she grabbed a piece of paper and started to follow along!

By the way, if you love Frozen, be sure to print out these Frozen coloring pages.

How To Draw Lilo And Stitch

I have to share two YouTube tutorials for this little section because we are talking about two Disney best friends. Do you love Lilo and Stitch as much I do?

Here are two videos showcasing how to draw Lilo and Stitch and I hope you enjoy them!

How To Draw A Baymax Sketch

baymax sketch

I actually had the chance to meet the animators of Big Hero 6 a few years ago and took an animation class in LA with a group of friends. It was amazing!

I felt super accomplished after I learned how to draw Baymax! My Baymax sketch came out PERFECTLY if I do say so myself. LOL! Ready to learn how to draw Baymax yourself? Here you go!

Learn To Draw For Kids

The fun doesn’t stop there. You can also check out the time that I had a private drawing lesson from the animator of Pixar’s Planes. Super fun!

If you are ready to get outside and are looking for other suggestions, here are 100 things you can draw with chalk or details on how you can go on a rainbow scavenger hunt. Whatever you do, just go and have fun and get creative! Can’t wait and see what you make!


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