Disney’s Frozen Coloring Pages And Printables For Kids!

These free Disney Frozen printables are for your children to enjoy at no cost. Hopefully, you can use them over and over again – just like my children who simply cannot get enough of Anna, Elsa, and Olaf.

Whenever there is a new Disney movie releasing, my children turn to me looking for new activities and coloring sheets. These Disney printables are exactly what I need to bored kids into happy campers!

frozen coloring pages

Coming up right around the corner is Frozen!!! I cannot WAIT TO SEE THIS ONE because I know that this adventure is going to take us on a wintery journey filled with mystery and life lessons. You know how they do!

Just right click on each image and save to your desktop. Then print the Frozen coloring sheets and activities as many times as you want.

Disney’s Frozen Coloring Pages And Printables For Kids!

Frozen Anna Coloring Sheets

Characters in Frozen:

Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, Hans, Oaken, Queen Iduna, and more!

Where can I watch Frozen now?

You can watch Frozen on Disney +. It is no longer available on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime or any other streaming service besides Disney.

Can You Find Sven?

Will There Be A Frozen 3?

Director Chris Buck has said that the two Frozen films combined tell a “complete story” which means that there is no need to continue to move on with this franchise. He also has been quoted to say that he has no desire to continue making a third movie. However, both have grossed an incredible amount of money for Disney… so, we shall see.

Elsa Princess Coloring Sheet

How old is Elsa In Frozen?

During an interview, Jennifer Lee said that Anna is 18 years old in the film, and both Elsa and Kristoff are both 21 years old. In case you were curious,  Hans is 23 years old.

Kristoff Coloring Sheet

Is Rapunzel related to Anna and Elsa?

You can clearly see Rapunzel and Eugene arriving at Elsa’s coronation in Frozen. If you haven’t spotted them yet, consider that a Frozen movie Easter egg to hunt for the next time you sit down. Considering her coronation was a VIP of all VIP invitation, this would suggest that Rapunzel and Elsa are related in some way – cousins at the very least.

This has never been confirmed. But it might be something fun to discuss with the kids while you are working on these Frozen coloring pages.

Frozen Activity Sheet

Is Tarzan’s Elsa and Anna’s Brother?

This is a strange one because at one point the director did hint that this theory was true but then recently decided to say that it wasn’t. So, for a time, they were related and then I guess they couldn’t figure out how that would work and took it back!

This means if you do a quick search, you will find reports claiming that Tarzan, Elsa, and Anna are related. And you will find reports that they are NOT. Look at the dates! The latest reports are claiming that they are NOT siblings. Around 2017, the studio wanted them to be and now they no longer like the storyline. Let’s just stick to these Frozen coloring pages, ok. 🙂

Olaf Activity Sheet Disney

What is Elsa and Anna’s last name?

Elsa and Anna’s last name is Ofarendelle.

How to Make Paper Snowflakes
Can you spot the difference Frozen

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