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Nature Drawing For Kids – 10 Easy Tutorials To Get Them Started

My family has been going on quite a few outdoor walks as of late and that’s prompted plenty of art sessions once we return home. Nature drawing for kids is a free form expression activity that can also feel somewhat therapeutic at times. Rolling hills, flowing waterfalls, adorable sea turtles – sounds like paradise to me!

nature drawing for kids

If you are looking for a few drawing tutorials to help your child brush up on their fine motor skills, I found several that will help and promise to be a ton of fun. Nature drawing for kids is never overcomplicated and the results are always perfect.

Nature Drawing For Kids – 10 Easy Tutorials To Get Them Started

The first thing we like to do as a family is head outside for a few minutes. If you have more time, a nice hike would do. But truth be told, on most days we don’t have time to dedicate a few hours to a drive and then a hike. So, a walk around the neighborhood with our dog will do!

simple nature drawing

Then, we usually back home and ask the kids to draw what they remember. Did they see a few different trees? Squirrels or rabbits? A flying pigeon or two?

Are they feeling extra creative today? Do they want to pull from memory and recreate that waterfall we climbed while visiting Puerto Rico. Anything works during these art sessions with kids. As long as it pertains to nature it works.

But what if children struggle with lack of guidance? What if they need a little help and are looking to follow a nature drawing tutorial instead? Don’t worry! I have you covered.

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How do you draw a simple scenery for kids?

When it comes to nature drawings for kids, I think the first thing most children see when they are out for a walk with their families are houses, trees, bushes, and the sun. So, I found this easy tutorial of a neighborhood block – a simple scenery for kids. It is slow-paced and geared towards children.

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How do you draw a mountain landscape?

If you’d like to know how to draw a mountain landscape, this YouTube drawing tutorial is just perfect. I love that the artist only used a few different colors and shades.

In fact, out of all of the options listed in this post, this tutorial is my favorite.

How do you draw a landscape?

In an attempt to give you a wide variety of options, here is a watercolor landscape drawing tutorial. Again, the artist stuck to just a few different colors, but truly did a great job breaking down the steps it takes to make this picture really come to life.

How do you draw an easy sunset?

Don’t you just love it when the sun is setting into the horizon? It’s probably my favorite part of the day. My body goes into complete relaxation mode! Now, your children can create their version of this beautiful moment as well.

Here’s a drawing tutorial on how to draw an easy sunset.

How do you draw a snowflake?

Ok, friends! Ho do you draw a snowflake? There are a million different ways because no two snowflakes are the same! LOL! Here are a few different ideas to get your children started.

How do you draw a butterfly?

I always feel like I’m winning when I come across a beautiful butterfly outside in the real world. I mean, I play Animal Crossing and am always digitally surrounded by butterflies online… but that’s not the same thing.

Here’s an easy butterfly drawing tutorial for kids that is easy to follow.

How do you draw a simple lake?

Grab a black marker and start creating this simple nature drawing for kids! It’s a little lake coming down from the mountain. Love it!

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How do you draw a winter scenery?

For those that are slightly more advanced, I found this winter scenery that looks like a great place to visit! There are plenty of hills and trees for your children to draw. They can even get creative if they want and add themselves to the picture!

How do you draw a turtle?

When it comes to nature drawings for kids, we have to include turtles! Right! I mean… they are just so cute. These adorable little guy needs a new home.

How to draw a bird

Last but not least, we have an easy bird drawing tutorial for kids! This little guy is simple enough to follow along making him the perfect addition to an landscape creation above.

nature art drawing ideas for kids

These simple nature drawing ideas are perfect to pass onto your children the next time they are looking for something to do! You can also check out these other ideas:

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