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Observational Drawing For Kids – 50 Ideas To Get You Started

Observational drawing is when someone sits down and draws exactly what they see right in front of them. Plain and simple. It is a great way to get your child to focus on their surroundings and dip into their creativity at the same time.

observational drawing

As you know, we love to draw here in my house and I constantly post blogs about this very subject in hopes that you will introduce this hobby to your kids.

Recently, I highlighted tips on how to draw a dog, how to draw Baby Yoda, and even gave you a 30 Day Drawing Challenge. Want more? Here you go!

A Note From An Art Teacher

Before I offer up 50 ideas to attempt during your observational drawing, I wanted you to hear some tips from a teacher I found online. Amazing tips, indeed!

My personal favorite? Draw what you see and not what you know – the information in your head is wrong! Just draw what is in front of you. Don’t draw what you think you know about the product.

Also, don’t forget to draw lightly. This was a big one that I personally needed to hear. I always press so hardly when I am drawing and then it’s hard to correct mistakes. I have to remember this great tip.

Honestly, I watched this man’s entire video and every single point is KEY! This is an entire semester’s worth of value in under ten minutes. This is why YouTube was created. Please take a second to watch this video if you are interested in becoming a better artist.

observational art

Observational Drawing For Kids – 50 Ideas To Get You Started

Onto the observational drawing ideas for kids! If you don’t know what to tell your children to draw, here are 50 ideas to get them started:

  1. Fruit
  2. Flowers
  3. Doorways
  4. Their bedroom
  5. Plant
  6. Television
  7. Remote
  8. Lamp
  9. Couch
  10. Cookie
  11. Cake
  12. Oven
  13. Sink
  14. Toliet
  15. Favorite toy
  16. Garbage bag
  17. Sink
  18. Shoes
  19. Open closet
  20. Picture frame
  21. Fireplace
  22. Living room
  23. Sibling
  24. Self-portrait
  25. Family pet
  26. Refrigerator
  27. Garage
  28. Family car
  29. Street sign
  30. Garbage can
  31. Local park
  32. Neighbor’s house
  33. Backyard
  34. Birdhouse
  35. Bike
  36. Showerhead
  37. Soda bottle
  38. Ketchup bottle
  39. Foot
  40. Computer
  41. Cellphone
  42. Bushes and weeds
  43. Earbuds
  44. Jewelry
  45. Stuffed animal
  46. Sunglasses
  47. Streetlamp
  48. Power lines
  49. Candle
  50. Belt

If you want to see someone doing an observational drawing on video, I found someone drawing a banana. She also opens up about her thought process. This might be great to watch with your children.

Why is observational drawing important?

Observational drawing is important because it gets kids to stop drawing from memory and, instead, gets them to use their senses. It teaches them to use the resources they have on hand.

A lot of people don’t feel like they can succeed because they don’t have the Statue of Liberty or the Eiffel Tower in front of them to practice on. Nothing amazing or beautiful or outstanding! Well, guess what?! To practice drawing… you don’t need anything grand. You just need… a remote control or a shoe or a leaf. Use what you have and hone in on your skills.

observational drawing for kids

What does observation mean in art?

Observational art is defined as drawing or painting from life. You could start with fruit or people or landscapes. Anything from this exact moment in time. Look around! What do you see?

You cannot use a photograph though. That’s the secret! It must be REAL.

Are you ready to give observational drawing a chance? I hope you do!

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