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How To Draw Baby Yoda From The Mandalorian – 14 Baby Yoda Drawing Tutorials

Star Wars fans are constantly looking for new things to do to connect to the franchise while we wait for new films and shows to release… like The Mandalorian. These Baby Yoda drawing tutorials are a great way for the kids to get creative while free handing one of the most adorable creatures in the galaxy.

how to draw baby yoda

How To Draw Baby Yoda – 14 Baby Yoda Drawing Tutorials

My family loves to seek out easy things to draw. Over the last few months, we’ve figured out how to draw a giraffe, how to draw a dog, how to draw Disney villains, taken 30-day art challenges and we’ve even spent quite some time on nature drawings for kids. Art is most certainly our passion.

Of course, how to draw Disney characters is probably one of our favorite things to do! You should absolutely give it a shot as a team.

But while we are talking about things that children love to draw, I had to add Star Wars stuff to the list. After all, I was a Star Wars kid growing up and now I am raising three of my own.


We just finished watching The Mandalorian for the SECOND time and now everyone is pining over Baby Yoda all over again. I know some people might have moved on, but not us. We never stopped!

It is undeniable how Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian took this world by STORM. I mean… that FACE! How can we all resist? That’s why I wanted to share a handful of tutorials to help you and your family work through several different techniques to learn how to draw Baby Yoda on your own.

Baby Yoda Drawing

13 Ways To Draw Baby Yoda From The Mandalorian

When I was choosing these Star Wars art tutorials, I opted for different levels and styles. Notice how this one doesn’t have a lot of detail. I thought the broad strokes of the outline would work well for beginners.

I loved the way the ears and eyes looked on this Baby Yoda drawing. And that little heart! This Star Wars tutorial just won me over.

Can I just say that I personally relate to the excessive bags under the eyes here? That’s all. Grab a marker and give this one a go.

If you wanted a harder art tutorial for how to draw Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian – you just found it! I couldn’t include all EASY options.

This sketch looks intense for someone who isn’t much of an artist, but perhaps your children are much more advanced.

I mean… Baby Yoda holding a chicken nugget. Need I say more? I am not sure I need to. LOL!

Again, trying to include all different types of levels and abilities – here is a simple pencil drawing with some light shading techniques around the ears.

As a Mandalorian fan, I can say with 100% certainty that I want to steal this child.

Very alienesque.

I would say this is the most famous meme pose of The Mandalorian to date. Wouldn’t you? A great Star Wars art tutorial to try out.

Why do I think that this looks like my third child?

This drawing has a bit of a nod to the original Yoda, don’t you think? I like it.

I know we already included the hot drink photo, but it is just so famous! Anyway, it looks like in this photo, the cup has been replaced with toilet paper, right?

I wish I had a pod to fly around in all day long. Pretty sweet.

ADORABLE! This is one of the cutest Baby Yoda drawings I’ve seen yet! I love the coloring and shadowing, too. Great job overall.

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How To Draw Baby Yoda Art Tutorials

I gave you a lot of options, Star Wars fans! We’ve all watched the Mandalorian and now we are looking to continue to have fun with the family. Art is such a great way to do that with the kids.

Gather around your dining room table, throw down some markers, pens, and crayons, and press PLAY on one of these online Baby Yoda drawing tutorials. And the best part? You could always rewind if you need to, unlike a live class.

I love doing YouTube art classes for that reason alone! You are in complete control of the Baby Yoda drawing lesson.


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