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Rise Of The Resistance Is Going To Blow Your Freaking Mind


The Rise of the Resistance in Galaxy’s Edge is officially open to the public. I had a chance to ride it during a press event that Walt Disney World held earlier during the week and I have so much to say about the immersive storytelling experience – so hold onto your seats. 

Rise of the Resistance

I’m going to do something that’s might be out of character and tell you a fact that maybe not many journalists will own up to because I need you to understand how absolutely serious I am about my LOVE is for this ride.

Rise Of The Resistance Is Going To Blow Your Freaking Mind

I want you to understand that I adore Star Wars and have been a fan of the movies since I was a little child, but I am not a die-hard fanatic like others are in this world. 

ride queue for Rise of the Resistance in Galaxy's Edge BB8

There are people who live and breathe Star Wars. There are people who have been waiting for this ride to open and who know all the sayings to say as they walk through Galaxy’s Edge and it’s a wonderful thing. By the way… Bright Suns.

I am a GEEK! Make no mistake. I am a nerd above all nerds. These are my people! I love the Star Wars crowd – but I am not in the front of the line when it comes to this franchise. 

Rise Of The Resistance Brought Me To Tears

SO – now that you know that – what do you think about the fact that this ride brought me to tears? I legit CRIED during the middle of it all. 

I was so moved by the SCALE of the EFFORT and the MAGIC that went into this ONE RIDE that my brain couldn’t process it. 

stormtrooper room rise of the resistance

And what happens when your brain can’t process something? Your body can’t break down the feelings which usually turns into tears. So, I did – and I’m not embarrassed either.

The moment I walked into this space I became speechless. You can watch the above video and hear someone else speaking a bit – that’s not me. I just stood there absorbing in the impossible. Because that’s what it truly was. Impossible.

stormtroopers line up robots

I mean… I was IN Star Wars, wasn’t I? It wasn’t a ride. It was an experience. Rise of the Resistance puts you in Star Wars. I somehow stepped in the movie… and consequently … back in time.

I rewound into my childhood almost instantaneously – even for just a moment.

vera sweeney stormtroopers

As I was standing there, I became 10 years old again – sitting on the couch, but watching me standing on the screen. And it was all impossible but it was real.

I couldn’t absorb everything as it was happening – but I was so happy for that little girl watching from back home on the couch. So, I cried. 

New Star Wars Ride 2019

I also thought about all of my friends who WERE fanatics about Star Wars and I couldn’t WAIT FOR THEM TO SEE WHAT I WAS SEEING OMG. These pictures don’t do it any justice. You really cannot process the scale of this room. 

rise of the resistance

But the Rise of the Resistance is so much more than one space. It takes more than 20 minutes to get through the entire experience and I haven’t even talked to you about the actual RIDE YET which was absolutely EPIC OMG. 

The Rise Of The Resistance Ride Is Like No Other On The Planet 

stormtroopers galaxys edge

I was lucky enough to jump on the Rise of the Resistance 3 times during the press preview and I saw different things each and every time. There are actually two different tracks you can experience – which is fun to try to hit.

It’s all about which color they slate you on and which car you are placed in when they bring you in your car to get seated. Unfortunately, you have no control over either thing. 

Newest Star Wars Ride in Hollywood Studio

By the time you get into your vehicle and get ready to sit down and experience the ACTUAL RIDE, you feel fulfilled. You and your friends – at this point – would have walked through about 4 rooms of total Star Wars FUN. I didn’t even feel like I needed anything else. And then… I experienced the ride of a lifetime. 

Do Not Watch Spoilers Of This Ride

I filmed my entire ride and have decided to not show it to you because I don’t want to spoil the ride for you and if you are my personal friend and reading this – pinky promise me right now that you won’t go and look at videos showing you the entire ride. DO IT! RIGHT NOW! 

You will ruin the moment for yourself if you do! I know humans always want to KNOW. I know it is in our nature. But PLEASE – do not ruin this experience for yourself. If you are a true Star Wars fan, you will want to go in blind and enjoy it FRESH. I have all the footage in the world to share with you. I have loads of photos and videos and have every second of it documented. But I refuse to post it because I want to save you from yourself. DON’T LOOK IT UP. 

stormtrooper galaxys edge

I was SCREAMING DURING THE RIDE. I went in without knowing a thing and Disney blew my freaking mind. I have never seen anything like this and I don’t think I ever will (ahh who am I kidding – Disney is Disney). 

You will KICK yourself if you watch videos because you will know what is behind every closed door and what is behind every closed door is PURE MAGIC. I was SCREAMING – HAVE I MENTIONED THAT TO YOU?

Me: OMG! OMG! ARE THEY KIDDING? WHAT? HOW DID THEY – OMG!  — be that way too. 

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Galaxy's Edge Rise of the Resistance Review

Are You Ready For Rise Of The Resistance?

My husband and I are currently trying to sneak in a weekend trip to take the kids. I am not kidding. We have to do this. I HAVE to make them see this. It is my DUTY as a Star Wars mom / movie mom / gamer mom. I am into all of this and I need to make sure they feel what I felt as well. 

I know I will cry again when I see my three and their faces as they walk into Star Wars for the first time as well. I HAVE TO get them there and I think there is something inside of you that is tell you that you that you have to get there as well.

This is one ride you cannot miss.  

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* Disney invited me to the press preview of Rise of the Resistance in Galaxy’s Edge. Hotel and accommodations were paid for, but all opinions are my own. 

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