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Disney’s Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge – 8 Tips To Get You Ready


Bright suns, future Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge travelers! That is a greeting you will absolutely have to get used to before gearing up and heading to Disney… I mean Batuu. Things are different with this Disney Star Wars Land and I am here to tell you all about it. 

Disney's Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

Disney decided that while guests walk through Galaxy’s Edge it shouldn’t feel like any other part of their parks. It should feel like they are part of the story. So, it is the most immersive environment the mouse has created to date. Any Westworld watchers? It’s sort of like that minus all the bad stuff if you catch my drift. 

As you walk through gift shop after gift shop, you won’t find any reference to the words “Star Wars” because there IS NO Star Wars. You are IN Star Wars. How could we buy a shirt representing our current life? We couldn’t. And that’s what Disney decided to do with this Star Wars Land – Galaxy’s Edge. 

Instead, you will find loads of designs that exist on Batuu – as one would when visiting a foreign region. Get into that frame of mind before you enter the space and you are already halfway there. This post will help you with the rest. There is so much to go over! Let’s buckle up and begin our journey! 

Disney’s Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge – 8 Tips To Get You Ready

I hosted the Permission to Hustle conference at Disney and they invited us to preview the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge during opening week. All opinions are my own. 

oga cantina

You must visit Oga’s Cantina and eat all the food

These tips will be posted in no particular order. I highly recommend that you try your hardest to maximize the time you spend in this space because there truly is so much to see. My friends and I headed to Oga’s Cantina and sat down for a quick bite that turned into almost an hour of munching and drinking. Do not do this if you don’t have the time to spare. 

Order your food and ask for the check. That way you can eat and go as you please. We had so much fun going through the menu and trying almost everything offered. No exaggeration. We order every drink (I think) and then shared the lot. 

Star Wars Disney

(photo courtesy of Chelsea Day

The space itself is very overwhelming but in a “Star Wars Geek Fandom OMG IS THIS HAPPENING” sort of way. I think when I walked in, I got all Queens on the place and screamed, “Oh my FREAKING GAWD I cannot believe how incredible it looks in here!” But no one flinched because, um, I was right. 

Galaxy's Edge Food

(Photo courtesy of Leanetter Hernandez

There are several booths stationed throughout the entire eatery, but if those are all filled you can just stand at the bar which is equally as cool. I promise.

In our booth, two random people hopped in because sharing is caring and, I think in this space, everyone has a common thread that binds – our love for Star Wars. So, scoot over if you see two wandering travelers in need of some seats. 

Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run

The Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run is super duper fun

Ok, this is what you came for. I know it – you know it. So, here we are. When you first enter Batuu, you will find the START of the line for Millennium FalconSmugglers Run. 

At first, I didn’t register that I was on the line. I was on a press trip and was able to enter the park before it opened. This meant that I sort of zipped through the entire line and didn’t realize what was happening until about 7 minutes in. 

The START of the line is at the BASE of the entrance. That means that Disney is expecting long lines – at least during the beginning stages of Galaxy’s Edge opening months. I mean, I don’t blame them for being ready for the crowds. In fact, I applaud them for being on top of it. 

The lines are shielded by umbrellas and fans and literally guide you through the entire park. If, by some chance, you start the line at the base, you will be able to explore the entire park and take pictures of almost everything. So, keep that as a bonus. 

Star Wars Land

Once you make it inside, there are so many incredible things to see. Before you even ENTER the front of the ride, you get to cut across a life-size replica of the Millennium Falcon. According to Disney, it is the only one of its kind. I mean, how cool is THAT!? 

I am one of those people who likes to think about how things are made and I just cannot even imagine the COST that went into Galaxy’s Edge or the TIME it took to develop the plans. Truly. When you walk around, try to think about those two things because it will blow your mind. 

millennium falcon

If you download the My Disney Experience app, you should be able to see ahead of time what the wait is for this ride. Keep an eye on it all day long and look for a pocket that seems to have a break. I would not leave without giving this one a shot. 

AND PS – I was a pilot and it was seriously the best position. When you get on board, everyone is given a card at random. You can try to trade with people who really don’t know what is going on.

You want to be a pilot. Is that mean to write? Sorry. I’m just trying to tell you everything you need to know. The pilot literally navigates the ship. It’s super fun. 

droid building

Make Your Own Droid At Galaxy’s Edge

There are so many unique experiences you can have throughout Batuu and one of them is making your own droid. When I passed the Droid Depot, I found a bit of a line. At first, I thought that was the line to enter the store and I didn’t consider getting on it. But then I asked someone why they were waiting and I realized that within the store there was a special opportunity for Star Wars fans to enjoy.

For under $100, you can take home your very own custom-built droid. Or, if you are like me, you can walk into the Droid Depot for free and gaze at all of the wonders for FREE. I mean, above you there are moving robot parts streaming across in every direction. That, ALONE, is super cool to watch. 

Star Wars Land Disney

I enjoyed watching all the adults (and a few children) get to work on making their new favorite creations. If I had my sons with me, I probably would have paid the price and made a droid as our souvenir. But it was just me and I didn’t have a lot of time left in the space. So, I let this one go. But you shouldn’t. 

Star Wars Land

Learn The Greetings

There are plenty of greetings and terminology that gets thrown around Galaxy’s Edge and I feel like it is my duty to tell you all about it. I opened up the post with “Bright Suns,” which means “Good Morning.” If you want to say goodbye, you can say “Til the Spire” instead. Have to go to the bathroom? You better ask for the refresher. And if you are REALLY THIRSTY, then you are looking for a Hydrator – not a water fountain. 

When you buy things, you aren’t using money. Instead, on Batuu… they use credits. It doesn’t hurt as much when you spend 6 credits for a soda, right? 🙂 Here are a few more terms for you to memorize before your upcoming trip:

  • “Rising moons” = “Good evening”
  • “Data pad” = “cell phone”
  • “Only the ancients know” = “I don’t know”

Also, my friend and I asked about purchasing something in a gift store and they didn’t have it or think that it was available in Batuu. So, the woman told us that it would be available, “off-planet”. That just meant that it would be outside of Galaxy’s Edge. I loved it! 

blue milk star wars

Drink The Blue Milk 

Blue milk or Green milk. Which camp will you belong in? Before you even ask – both are dairy-free. I asked because I am lactose-sensitive and needed to know. 

Head on over to Bubo Wamba Family Farms and sip the frozen concoctions at your leisure. My advice? Buy both! How often do you travel to another planet!!?  If you are wondering WHY everyone is flipping out about blue milk, rewatch “Star Wars IV: A New Hope. 

Also, if you don’t have people in your life that appreciate blue milk, get some. 


Stormtroopers Are Still Present 

Just when I thought I was in the clear, a group of Stormtroopers came barging around causing a ruckus. Everyone loved it. Most of the time, the men in uniform do NOT stop for photos. So, here’s a secret!! Flip your phone around and just keep smiling and shooting as if you are taking a selfie with them the moment they walk by. 

They are trained to scan the crowds – left to right. If you time it correctly, you will get a photo that looks like you took a Stormtrooper selfie. I’ve done this a thousand times. It works. 

photo opportunities at Galaxy's Edge

Batuu Is A World You Need To Explore

Don’t just worry about the food and the gifts and the ride(s). While on Batuu in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, you need to take some serious time to walk around and check out every single detail that the creators have placed for fans to enjoy. They are … out of this world.  

Strolling through was simply spectacular. There is no other way to put it. My biggest regret is that I didn’t have enough downtime to enjoy the little moments that were hidden throughout the park. I wish I could have two hours to just stroll through Galaxy’s Edge and take it all in. Please do it for me and report back! 

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nighttime at Galaxy's Edge

You Have To Come Back At Night

Remember when I told you that I got to get into the park nice and early? I meant REALLY EARLY! My call time was 5:30AM! So, I got to see the park in two different forms and I was so thankful for it! You must try to see it both ways as well because it provided two very different experiences. 

Planning Your Visit?

In case this wasn’t enough for you, there is amazing news! The Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance ride is slated to open this December!! So, if there was any time to book your trip to Disney, it is NOW. 

Are you super excited about Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge? Planning to take the family or a group of friends sometime soon? What are you most looking forward to seeing? Would love to hear! 

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