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I Need People Who Understand That Blue Milk Matters

I have several posts that will come out over the next few days that will talk a lot about Permission to Hustle at Disney. I have so much to say about the experience as the co-coordinator, co-founder, and as a participant. Today, I wanted to address how the event affected me emotionally. 

star wars galaxy's edge blue milk

A statement was made about blue milk – something that you can find in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge – and it truly hit home like a ton of bricks. A member of the group was saying that none of her local friends understood how much little things like getting to taste blue milk meant to her.

They couldn’t relate to her excitement, her desire to sample, OR the fact that she wanted to share information about the drink with her readers. And all she wanted to do was find people who wanted to talk about blue milk – a group of women who looked forward to sampling the drink as well. So simple, right? But honestly – so profound. 

I felt everything she was saying deep within my bones. Every syllable rang so true to me because it’s something that I’ve dealt with since 2005. 

star wars galaxy's edge blue milk

When I got home, I received a text from a cousin. She was asking to get together with me and I told her that I was exhausted and that I needed a few days. She replied back that she didn’t understand why I always had to go and do these silly things. If they made me tired, then I should just stay home. “Why always drive yourself crazy if you can’t handle it”?

Not – “congratulations”. Not – “tell me everything”. Not – “I can’t wait to see you because you just did a great thing for a group of women”. She told me – “don’t go next time if you come back feeling this way”

Those brick walls come flying at me every single time I come home from something like this last trip and it makes me sad. I know she loves me. I know it’s because she doesn’t want to see me drained, but words matter and those sting.

I wish I received a different text. It’s not the first time I’ve received something like that from a family member and it won’t be the last. 

Oga's Cantina At Galaxy's Edge

They don’t understand my world. They don’t understand the blue milk. That’s why it’s critical that I find women that do. Because as soon as I got home, I was flooded with DMS from women all across the country literally asking me about the blue milk.

I should screenshot all of them to show you. On Facebook and IG and on Twitter – people asking me specifically about the blue milk at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge and it just made me laugh because I kept thinking about that moment during our Permission to Hustle Mastermind when one of the women said she needed people in her life to do the same. 

green milk versus blue milk galaxy's edge

(Passport and Parenting

I Found My Blue Milk People

I found 21 women this week that care about the Star Wars blue milk. We laughed about it. We took photos of it. We shared our drinks with each other and gathered in groups.

These women understand my life because they are living the exact replica. It’s unspoken. It’s unwritten. It just is. An understanding you cannot purchase. That is invaluable and worth more than any credit on Batuu. 

Oga's Cantina At Galaxy's Edge

So, my trip to Disney to learn all about their Fall offerings (details coming up) and to host the Permission to Hustle conference (best practices on the way)  gave me several things.

  • It gave me a new circle of friends that I will forever be grateful for.
  • It gave me three days of memories I will cherish forever.
  • It gave me experiences at the park that were out of this world – literally.
  • And it gave me the understanding that it’s important to surround yourself with people that truly understand your life. 

millennium falcon galaxy's edge

Multiple Circles Create A Full Life

I need my town friends. I need my family. I need my husband. I need my children. I need alone time. I need my horror movies. I need sleep. I need all of these things. But I also need understanding when it comes to my job because it takes so much from me at times.

drinks at galaxy's edge

(Oh Happy Play)

When I have to talk about how important it is to do a silly thing like tasting blue milk, I need to say it to someone who actually gets what that means. Not everyone will and that’s ok. 

Every circle fills a different need. Find your circles and don’t let them go. 


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