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We Visited ICEBAR Stockholm By IceHotel Inside Hotel C And It Was AMAZING

I spent several weeks vacationing around Scandinavia and found myself inside the ICEBAR Stockholm by ICEHOTEL located inside Hotel C in Finland. Boy! That was a mouthful, wasn’t it? The kids and I had such an incredible time inside this frozen adventure. Here’s everything you need to know about our trip in case you are considering visiting yourself. 

icebar stockholm

We Visited The Icebar Stockholm By IceHotel Inside Hotel C

Before you even ask, the children were offered non-alcoholic drinks at ICEBAR Stockholm. So, yes! This is a family-friendly activity that everyone can and will enjoy. My 6-year-old was absolutely enthralled with the entire experience. 

icebar made of ice sweden

The Icebar Stockholm interior is carved out of 40 tons of natural ice from the Torne River. It is FREEZING inside, but the team will provide you will several layers to put on before you enter the space.

The ice sculptors are employed by the Hotel C ICEHOTEL and they did such an incredible job! It truly was surreal walking around inside a room entirely made out of ice.

The ICEBAR Stockholm opened in 2002 and attracts both tourists and locals who want a slice of the Arctic North in downtown Stockholm. We had reservations since my group consisted of 24 people. Yes, I traveled for 2 weeks with 24 people and it was a blast! But because of the size of our group, we had to think ahead and reserve most of our activities. 

I would suggest you do the same because this area is flooded with cruise-ships which means that busloads of people are thinking exactly the same as you and me. RESERVE YOUR SPOT.

Where Is The ICEBAR?

ICEBAR is centrally located inside Hotel C Stockholm. 

  • +46 (0)8-50 56 35 20

Their hours of operation are as follows:

  • SUNDAY-THURSDAY – 11.15am – midnight (last entry 11.15pm)
  • FRIDAY-SATURDAY – 11.15am – 1am (last entry 12.15am)
child getting fitted for cape at hotel c

Before you head in for your cool experience (see what I did there?), you will receive a thermal cape with hood and a pair of gloves. Just to be safe, I made sure everyone wore a sweater underneath as well. I didn’t know how the kids would do in such cold temperature and I thought that every layer would help. 

man getting fitted for gloves at hotel c

There will be team members available to size you and get your ready before you head into the IceBar Stockholm. So, don’t worry about not choosing the right accessories – you will have help! And lots of it! Several people were available to make sure you were properly covered up before anything started at this permanent icebar.

icebar stockholm

Each reserved guests gets one drink. We were given tokens that we traded in for an ice glass filled with a light blue mixture. It was delicious. As mentioned earlier, the children received juice instead at the ICEBAR Stockholm.

Did I mention that the glass itself was made of ice? Of course they were! It just added to the adventure. So fun!  

You get plenty of time to take all the pictures you want while exploring the ice bar in Stockholm. I think we were in there for about 45 minutes or so? There are several places set up for you to gather your family and friends. The lighting is brightest around the walls. I suggest putting on your flash though – that made all the difference. 

friends at hotel c stockholm

I don’t know if we were lucky or WHAT… but it wasn’t very crowded while we visited the ICEBAR Stockholm. It was pretty empty. And we went during the summer which I feel like is prime time to travel??? That made it really easy to run around and take photos.

flipflops at icebar

Oh and don’t be rookies like me and my husband. We wore flip flops!!! What a mistake!! I cannot believe I thought about sweaters and extra layers on TOP and then completely forgot about my stinking shoes. My little toes were frozen by the time we were all done. But I was a trooper and kept it together. I would NOT LEAVE.

family in hotel c icebar

If you aren’t part of a large group, make sure you grab someone to take a group photo of your clan. This family vacation moment is one you do not want to forget! 

family in hotel c icebar

As a reminder, the temperature inside the ICEBAR is around 19 degrees, so dress appropriately. The kids that were in shorts left before our slated time was up.  Their body heat was not enough to sustain them.

Are you ready to check out the ICEBAR Stockholm in Hotel C and have an ice experience you will never forget? Have you ever visited the Stockholm ice bar in Northern Sweden before? This unique experience is something that I will never forget! For more information, click here

icebar hotel c

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Visiting Icebar Stockholm in Hotel C

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