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July Goals – How I Hold Myself Accountable During The Summer

It’s no secret that I am someone who believes in setting goals every month and making sure that I hit them on a regular basis. I’ve thought long and hard about what I want my July goals list to look like because I fell a bit short during June.

july goals

June was a hard month for this country and so, I am going to give myself some grace. We cannot perform at 100% capacity when our brains are focused on our friends and family.

How could I worry about myself when the world around me was literally burning? My attention could not keep for longer than a few minutes at a time and I would end up losing huge chunks of my day to depression and anxiety. Hey, if this is going to be a personal post, then it is going to be a personal post.

If you’d like to read my June goals post and all that I had hoped to accomplish, please do so. I had some great ideas on paper and because so, pulled a few line items and added them back to my July goals list. I still want to do these things!

Monthly goals are so important to jot down and create for yourself. If you’re looking to get started on your own to-do list, I have a free monthly goals template download for you to access whenever you need it. This is what I use when I need to start feeling a bit frazzled.

In this packet, I have a template for every month! So, if you want to use a download specifically created for your July goals, there is one available.

personal goals

My Personal July Goals

Ok, onto what I hope to accomplish next month. I know that we are two weeks away, but I like to have a plan in place before we get things started.

  1. Start praying at dinner on a more consistent basis – I believe in the power of prayer and I don’t think we are doing it enough in front of our children.
  2. Do a ten-minute exercise routine daily (free form) – I think I get too caught up in signing into an app or attending a class when it comes to exercise. For this month, I just want to work on leg lifts and running in place. Let’s see what happens.
  3. Head to the beach at least once a week – I need to be in the sun without a care in the world. I need to do that for my mental health. A top three for my July goals!
  4. Use the patio at least once a day – I don’t think we will have an issue doing this, but I still want to mark it down.
  5. Get family to help out with dinner more – I need some help in this department. I have two teens. They need to step it up.
  6. Begin course work with Audrey (professional) – My business partner and I want to start working on something and I think we can at least work on the outline next month.
  7. Finish email automation for free printables (professional) – I can do this. I can do this. I can do this.
  8. Get new template for blog (professional) – I don’t want to spend a lot of money, but I would like to fix the front page of my website. So, I need to start researching.
  9. Get all errors on backend fixed (professional) – A big ugh. I have this as a major July goal of mine. I have a ton of errors that need to be addressed.
  10. Start using my budget planner – I ordered this budget planner and it is due to arrive ANY DAY NOW OMG. I am so excited about it. Giddy even! When it comes, it is game on.
  11. Start using Quick Books with Bill to track earned DUAL monthly income (professional) – This could get very longwinded. Just know I want to add this to my July goals list.
  12. Volunteer more time to the church – I want to do MORE. On the ground. Hands dirty. And I don’t want to talk about it. Just want to do it.
  13. Serve more salad – I am a green failure. I hate salad and I am making my children hate salad. I have to serve salad. SALAD SALAD. SALAD.
  14. Potentially create an office space in my dining room (considering it) – this might not pan out. But I want to bring up my desk to see what it would look like. At least!
assessing goals

A Look At June’s Goals And How I Did

I thought it would be fun to give an update at what I thought I could accomplish in a month. I know we are only halfway through, but here is where I stand with the 15 goals I placed last month.

  1. Read a book – I downloaded a book and read two pages. This is not going to happen. I do not have the mental capability right now.
  2. Do 2 dance classes a week on the Peloton app – I did 2 classes so far. TOTAL. There is still time to pick this up.
  3. Make sure I get in the hot tub a few times a week ALONE – The kids always join me but I don’t think that is such a bad thing. I don’t need to be alone. I don’t need this goal.
  4. Get my family to help me make dinner – Hot and cold on this. I think I can do better and so, that is why I added it as a July goal again.
  5. Serve more salad – I did not do this ONCE. I need to DO THIS. Added this as a July goal.
  6. Have no electronic nights out on our patio – We did this several times and loved this. I think this will not be a problem moving forward. I do not need to document this as a checkbox. This is just part of our life now.
  7. Do more things that the kids want to do – Has not happened. Sad trombone.
  8. Go for more walks – Not one time. I am the worst with exercise and nature.
  9. Spend more time doing sudoku puzzles – I am acing this. Do them all the time.
  10. Have more alone time with my husband – HA! Not really. HOW CAN WE WHEN THE KIDS CAN’T LEAVE THE HOUSE OMG.
  11. Write more personal stories on my blog – I am not doing this as much as I want to, but I still want to. Again, my mind is not fully plugged in because of the state of the world.
  12. Two email blasts a month – I wrote ONE – so I am actually on schedule with this. Will do another before the end of the month.
  13. Offer more free printables with my articles – I am killing it with this one at least. Check! And I do NOT need to write this as a goal – this is just part of my life now.
  14. Increase my pageviews – I am working really hard at this. Again, I don’t need to mark this as a July goal, this is just my life.
  15. Continue to be consistent on TikTik and incorporate myself more on my organization channel – I have done this. Slowly. Again, like I said, because of how I am feeling, I haven’t done them daily like I used to, but I am in a few.
my july goals

Do you have any personal or professional July goals that you’d like to hit? Would love to hear about the biggest goal this month that you want to achieve. Goal setting feels good, doesn’t it?


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