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My Top September Goals – Setting Up Smart Wins For The Fall

This month, my September goals are focused around two very specific pillars – money and health. I’m drilling down my focus to concentrate on these two aspects because they are a priority for me in quarter four. My goals to achieve are important and concrete.

september goals

If this year has taught me anything, it’s that if I try to do too much, I end up doing nothing at all. So, I decided this month, I’m limiting my attention to two tasks and getting rid of the rest of the noise in my life.

September Goals To Achieve

Every month, I try to jot down some aspirations and milestones I hope to hit. September is the biggest month for change as a mom.

My children started back to school and that turned my life upside down. At the same time, it also allowed for a bit more freedom. What will I do with this extra time?

There are only two things I want to focus on this month. My September goals to achieve list is actually quite small. Let’s break it down.

goals to achieve

Write a Blog Post a Day

My professional goal for the month is to get writing! I have two sites – Lady and the Blog and then another site that I’m not quite ready to talk about. My goal is to get at least one piece of content live every single day on EITHER one of these sites for the entire month.

I’m not saying that I will write a new post for BOTH sites because that is harder than it looks. However, I can absolutely get a new piece of content live on ONE of the two – every single day of the week moving forward.

In fact, if we are really going to get personal, I started a 75 day challenge with a few girlfriends of mine. So, if you’re thinking I’m cheating because there are only a few weeks left in September, I’m not. DAY ONE was actually yesterday, but I have 74 more days to go with this particular hustle.

Luckily, we each promised to hold one another accountable. This is a huge monthly goal for me and I am actually really excited about it because the more I write, the more chance I have to earn money 6-9 months from now.

It takes time to earn moolah online via ads, but it can happen. So, GAME ON.

lose weight goal

Lose Weight – A BORING GOAL, But Here We Are

I’m not going to sugar coat this. I won’t sing you a song and pretend like I have done right by my body. My September goal is to get my house in order… and when I say house, I mean my body.

I’ve gained at least 15 pounds during the quarantine. I’ve probably gained 20, but we won’t admit that out loud. This is a big goal to achieve for me. MAJOR. HUGE.

I am literally at a part of the scale that I’ve never been to before. The numbers are foreign. I’m scared of the digits. They are confusing. None of it makes sense. I have to STOP.

So, starting today – it is changing. I am changing. I am literally taking back my LIFE OMG SOMEONE TAKE THIS DONUT OUT MY HAND.

I don’t know why it’s just so hard for me? What is my problem? Why can I take control of EVERYTHING ELSE IN MY LIFE EXCEPT FOOD? Because I have an addiction. A weakness. And that’s ok to admit that. We all have our vices. This is my weakest link.

september personal goal setting

A Look Back At August And My Successes

As you know, I love to write up my monthly goals on my blog. I’ve been doing it for several months now. I’ve logged August goals, July goals, and June goals so far to date. Will this month’s list follow suit?! Time will tell. That’s why it’s so important to set goals.

Let’s break down what I wanted to try to do in August and see how much I accomplished based off of the set goals I’ve posted in the past:

  1. Be kinder to myselfCHECK! I feel good about this one. I started to give myself a lot of grace this summer. The beginning of the year was a bumpy ride for me and I feel like I started to be able to manage the chaos better as we got through the summer. Forgiveness, grace, love, openness.
  2. Eat healthierBIG FAT FAIL.
  3. Get back to a normal working schedule. – CHECK! All is right with the world again. I got my planner back out. I am writing every single day. I am working multiple hours a day. I am functioning.
  4. Bring my cycle bike up to the main floor and start to use it. – We decided against this. This isn’t a fail. We just aren’t going to do it.
  5. Spend more time outside with the family (or alone). – ALONE. But I am doing it and quite often. So, CHECK!
  6. Finish my course with Audrey. CHECK!
  7. Finish my passion project / book.BIG FAIL! I don’t know what I was thinking, but I can’t do all the things LOL. This will have to wait a few more months.
  8. Finish up CoSchedule FAIL! This is a big, big project. I need a few more weeks to do this.
  9. Determine whether or not I need a new computer. – Determined that I can manage without one. So, CHECK!
  10. Either revive my old YouTube movie channel or start a completely new one. – I ended up starting a new one. So, we are getting a CHECK!
  11. Finish my email sequence. – BIG FAT FAIL!

Well, if you ask me, I think I did alright with my August goals! Not bad! Not bad.

I hope I knock my monthly goals out of the park. I just need to keep my focus on what I hope to accomplish every day. Last month was a win for me and I think I can have a repeat.

Do you have any set goals in place that you are working on this month? Would love to hear. How will you be spending every day this month working on goal setting?

new goals

New goals give you purpose and direction. If you spend just a few minutes at the beginning of each month or even each week working on goal setting, it will provide such clarity. Your new goals will redefine your entire day!

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