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5 December Goals I Need To Hit By The End Of The Year

It’s the end of the year and I’m so excited to round out my goal setting series with this December Goals post write up. I’ve tracked 6 months’ worth of planning and it’s truly helped me figure out what I wanted to do with the time that 2020 has gifted me.

december goals

What are my top December goals? To make the most out of the last month of the year, focus on working smarter, and begin a budget routine that the entire family can stick to.

That’s all easier said than done, right? That’s why it’s important to have a plan and stay focused as best as possible. Here’s how I plan to tackle the next 30 days.

5 december goals to make

Working Smarter

I’m part of a mastermind and someone said something that really opened my eyes today. It showed me just how sloppy my work habits truly are when you break everything down. She has a very structured way of looking at her day and I … don’t.

I plan on coming up with a better way at saving photos and videos for future reference. This is so important! I need to figure this out and fast.

Budgeting For The Family

I’ve made it no secret that this year was a financial test. Thankfully, I took advantage of the many programs that were laid out for small businesses to help get them through the summer months. Through it all, we learned to live leaner.

I plan to continue to live leaner – this month and all throughout 2021. What do we really need? Nothing. That’s what?

Create A Horror Movie Recommendation List

This is super personal, but if you are asking me what I am doing… I will tell you. I want to document every single horror movie that I watch over the next month and maybe even next year. I’m very curious to see how many I end up watching because I know that I consume 10x more than the average human being.

Will I share this list? That I’m not so sure about – YET. But I’ve already started it and I am super excited about the process.

christmas traditions

Work on Christmas Traditions List

I created a Christmas bucket list for the blog and I actually want to work through it with the kids. I think it would be so FUN to do as a family. I can’t wait to show them all 40 ideas I came up with and see how many we can check off together.

goals for the year

Send Out My Christmas Cards Early

I always wait until the last minute to get my cards out and then I end up making a ton of mistakes. There’s also about 25 cards that get sent to Europe and when I send them out late, they don’t receive them until after the New Year.

So, I need to get my cards out as soon as I receive them. This is a major goal for me – as silly as it may sound. I should be receiving them from Shutterfly any day now.

Want to read some of my previous goals?

How Did I Do With My November Goals?

goal setting

Let’s take a look at last month’s goal setting session and see if I kept on track.

  • No More Courses Or Books – UPDATE: Well, this was a fail. I ended buying my very last course EVER on Black Friday. I did it with 5 friends and we swore that it would be the absolute LAST course we ever purchased in our lives.
  • Continue To Write A Post A Day – Even On The Weekends – UPDATE: Success! I’ve gotten into such a groove that I sometimes write multiple posts a day. Again, I have several sites – you might not notice this on just Lady and the Blog.
  • Celebrate My Birthday Month – UPDATE: Success! I celebrated and celebrated hard.
  • More Time With Friends – UPDATE: Success-ish. As best I can during COVID.
  • More Meal Planning – UPDATE: Menza-Menza – I could do better, but I was better than before.

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