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My Personal August Goals – New Month New Goals

This month, my August goals are focused around a mental health check-in and getting in a better frame of mind when it comes to working and planning out content for my blog. It’s all about a new month, new goals.

COVID simply derailed me. I don’t think I can come up with a better way of putting it. That’s why refocusing on what’s important is the only thing I need to worry about during the upcoming weeks.

new month new goals

My Personal August Goals – New Month, New Goals

New Month, New Goals! I just love this frame of thought. There is always a way to start again, but it doesn’t have to be in January.

I know a lot of people like to focus on New Year’s Resolution lists. Most can’t wait to shout out all the things that they plan to do differently now that we’ve all had a turn around the sun. But why wait? Why not start right now?

That’s what August is about for me. I had a bit of a spill. I’m not embarrassed to say it.

Depression is real. I won’t be shamed by online friends into thinking that I shouldn’t have felt what I felt.

I own every ounce of those emotions. I claim them as my own… because they are. And until we create a safe space in society that allows for these discussions, then we won’t ever be able to climb out of these dark holes in one piece.

Happy New Month!

Did I hit my June goals or any of my July goals? Some. Ok, maybe just a few… but like I said, new month new goals. I deserve a fresh start.

Monthly goals can be funny like that. You start having the BEST of intentions and then … you fall flat on your face. That’s ok. We start over again.. and again until we get it right.

new month new goals means a fresh start

My List Of August Goals I Hope To Hit

So, here’s a look at what I have planned for the next month. Do I expect to check every single one of these and mark them as complete? No. But they are what I am aspiring to be.

  1. Be kinder to myself. I don’t think this needs much of an explanation.
  2. Eat healthier. Why – for the love of GOD – can I NOT figure this out? I have an addiction to unhealthy food and I cannot seem to break it. I need to slowly chip away at this issue and reclaim my gut’s inner health.
  3. Get back to a normal working schedule. My writing schedule flew right out the window this summer. I mean, a bird came, caught it, ripped it to shreds, fed it to her young, and then they all flew down South. I need to start over.
  4. Bring my cycle bike up to the main floor and start to use it. I need my husband’s help.
  5. Spend more time outside with the family (or alone). I really don’t care at this point.
  6. Finish my course with Audrey.
  7. Finish my passion project / book. This might be too aggressive. I actually think it is. How about finish half of the book? I have 22,000 words written already. Maybe get to 40,000?
  8. Finish up CoSchedule – getting all of the posts I want uploaded to that program.
  9. Determine whether or not I need a new computer. I kind of do… but do I?
  10. Either revive my old YouTube movie channel or start a completely new one. I just can’t put any more effort into the one I’ve had for all these years.
  11. Finish my email sequence. (Still have to do this)

I just love these ideas!! In order for me to get the best experience out of my life, I have to be invested.

While reading these August goals, they really do feel doable to me. Well, except the book one. I don’t think that is possible. In fact, I almost want to cross that off the list entirely. But I will keep it for now.

Tomorrow, I’m going to spend a few minutes reading some goal quotes and motivational quotes, reminding myself of the best experiences I’ve had so far this summer, and considering the morning as the beginning of the new year.

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august goals

Do you have any August goals that you’d like to share? Would love to hear! In fact, the more we talk about our personal and professional goals – the better. Holding ourselves accountable is the first step.

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