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My Top Five November Goals For The Month

At the beginning of every month, I like to think about a few things that I hope to accomplish over the next few weeks. These five November goals I set revolve around self-reflection and honing in my focus when it comes to my career.

november goals

My Top Five November Goals For The Month

Whenever I set too many goals, I end up doing none of them leaving me feeling like I’ve failed myself. Goal setting is supposed to be intrinsically rewarding… not demotivating.

Personally, I’ve found that just a handful of goals work best for the month. This year, I’ve really enjoyed logging my monthly goals on my blog:

When I track, I can see just how much I was able to truly accomplish. Moving forward, I adjust my plans and rethink my strategy. I’m a work-in-progress and that’s ok.

Let’s break down my 5 November Goals and discuss why I chose them.

No More Courses Or Books

I am going to stop reading and learning for the rest of the year which is actually pretty counterintuitive to who I am. But I’ve become so invested in becoming a student that it’s starting to take away from work hours in the day.

monthly goal setting

Continue To Write A Post A Day – Even On The Weekends

But, Vera… take a break! No. It’s been several months that I haven’t missed a BEAT with this. You might not know this because on Lady and the Blog it doesn’t look like I’m writing every single day.

The truth is that I have a second secret blog and that is where I am doing the majority of my writing. I started a passion project late last year and finally started really focusing on it this summer.

All my effort is going towards writing at least one new update a day over there because I’m really trying to grow it out – big time. I won’t stop until I hit 50,000 views a month. That’s the goal.

november goal setting

Celebrate My Birthday Month

I am turning 43 this month and I am going to go out with a bang. I honestly love my birthday month. And you know what? I plan on taking full advantage of taking advantage of all my family and friends.

More Time With Friends

I spent some time this month with pseudo-friends and it felt so icky. I left immediately because I refused to stay anywhere I don’t feel like I belong. It made me realize that I need to be with people who I actually want to be around.

So, I went home and made plans after plans after plans with my GIRLS. Felt good. There will be much more of this for the rest of the month/year.

november planner

More Meal Planning

Last month, I dropped the ball on cooking. Nothing really great came out of my kitchen two nights in a row. I basically felt like I was just heating up things. I do NOT like that.

So, I’m going to get more organized! This is the only way I can do this. Sit down on Sunday and figure out what I’m cooking. Use my grocery shopping list and my meal planning printable.

Do you set goals for yourself on a monthly basis? How are you walking through November? Would love to hear some of your hopes and dreams for the next few weeks.


Monday 16th of November 2020

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