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Free Weekly Family Meal Planner Printable

My family has eaten more home-cooked meals this year than ever before. That’s why we make sure to lean on this weekly family meal planner while creating our plans for dinner. Organization is key for a family of five.

Free Weekly Family Meal Planner Printable

family meal planner

The family meal planner is simple enough. 7 days for 7 slots of dinner. I don’t worry much about breakfast or lunch because my kids are old enough to sort of figure that out on their own. Whether it’s cereal, grits, or oatmeal, my teens can work their magic without much intervention on my part. But dinner? That’s an entirely different beast!

Dinner takes a lot of prep work and I like to vary up what I serve to my family. Well, it’s not that I like to vary it up… it’s that if I don’t do this I will serve grilled chicken and white rice every single night of the year and be perfectly content.

I am a boring woman… my husband is not. So, having a family meal planner allows me to make sure I do not fall into my simple habits of grilled chicken. Glorious grilled chicken. I mean, what’s wrong with grilled chicken? NOTHING! Whatever – let’s talk more about this free weekly meal planner download.

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Download Your Free Copy Here

weekly family meal planner

There are two different versions you can choose from – one has color and one doesn’t. It all depends on how much ink you want to use from your printer. I’m always conscious of that because I know how expensive ink can be! LOL!

Click here for the black and white version and click here for the one with the touch of red.

Benefits Of Meal Planning

In case you’ve never meal planned before, I wanted to talk to you about why you should.

  • It’s a great way to figure out how to get rid of all your leftovers
  • You can WRITE IN days off – we schedule pizza nights every Friday and we typically go out once on the weekends. A big load off of my shoulders
  • Have older children? Schedule them in for a night of cooking!
  • Wake up KNOWING you are going to crockpot on Wednesdays (or you pick the day). It’s a lot easier when you have a plan in the AM.
  • Grocery shopping is a breeze when you only have a few items to pick up. With meal planning, you shop your house FIRST.
  • You actually end up saving money because you look at what you need to get rid of in your freezer. No more aimlessly shopping the supermarket aisles

Give this weekly family meal planner a shot. And guess what? If you mess up and only do two days… so WHAT?! There is always next week. No one is grading this report card.

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Recipes To Include In Your Meal Planning

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