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License Plate Game For Kids – Road Trip Printable To Keep The Kids Busy While Driving

This License Plate Game Printable for kids is a great way to keep your children busy while on a long road trip or a quick run to Grandma’s house. If you need a way to get the kids off of their iPads, this free download is a great resource to help keep your littles focused on the outside and engaged with the real world.

license plate game

License Plate Game For Kids – Road Trip Printable To Keep The Kids Busy While Driving

I wish I had this road trip printable when I was a child because it would have entertained me for sure! I didn’t have any brothers or sisters and most times I would either count trees or street poles to make the time pass… and that’s not very fun.

At least with this license plate game, you can color and check things off a list while running errands with mom. Um, HELLO! Two of my favorite things to do – even as an adult. During your next road trip with the whole family, gather a few fun games to help pass the time. When there is a long trip ahead of you, it’s important to be prepared. Scavenger hunts really work because they are a fun way to keep the mind occupied.

Sure, the occasional rest stop will give everyone the break they need to stretch and refuel, but what about the rest of your long car rides? You need word searches, tic tac toe, card decks, audio books, car bingo, and ice cream. Lots and lots of ice cream.

Travel games for kids are meant to entertain and occupy the mind and this is one that you can use LITERALLY over and over again without an issue. And remember – you don’t need to go very far to use this family travel digital file!

If you have a full day of errands in front of you to the gas station or dollar stores (short trips), this piece of paper could be a lifesaver for your kids. It’s all about giving them something to do. And let’s be honest… printable road trip games are super fun.

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So, during your next family road trip be sure to have the kids look out for different license plates and wish them good luck! Be sure to include these free printables in your packing list because long drives are a lot more relaxing for parents when the kids are occupied. So, do yourself a favor and download a few copies. Keep them in your car and enjoy the ride.

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license plate game printable

Two Versions Of The License Plate Game Available

There are two versions available with this download. One has the state abbreviations in each state and one does NOT. It depends on how much you want to challenge your little. You could offer them both and use the one with the abbreviations as the answer key. That is up to you.

As a reminder, this activity will help get the kids comfortable with the United States and the different state name variations. It will also help keep video screen time down to a minimum. Double bonus! At the end of your trip, see which child saw the most states while on the road. It’s a classic game that has been enjoyed for generations. Older kids and younger ones will enjoy it. If you have littles, make sure the bigger kids team up to help look for state license plates while completing these travel activities. A little bit of help can go a long way.

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