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Free City Scavenger Hunt Printable For Kids

This city scavenger hunt printable will keep your kids occupied as you explore a new city while on vacation with the family. Find items like famous statues, payphones, billboards, and park benches all while getting everything done on your personal checklist!

City Scavenger Hunt Printable

We visit the city quite often with our littles and giving them this handout always stretches the visit by a few hours! They become so engaged – obsessed even! My three love to compete to see who can finish the city scavenger hunt first.

What Is A City Hunt?

city hunt is the best kind of way for a tourist to explore a new city. It combines scavenger hunt games with tourism which is both fun and entertaining!

So, while you are hitting up the big locations that are on your list, you have these mini-tasks that need to happen. Can. you find a souvenir shop before you make it to your next museum? Better yet – can you do it before your brother does?!

city scavenger hunt

Free City Scavenger Hunt Printable For Kids

  • Payphone
  • Billboard
  • Someone walking the dog
  • Clearance sign
  • Park bench
  • Birds eating food from the floor
  • Taxi
  • Large crowd
  • Street food
  • Traffic
  • Tourist
  • Souvenir shop
  • Statue of someone famous
  • Someone running
  • One way sign
  • Parking garage
  • Someone wearing a backpack
  • Trash can
  • Someone hailing a cab
  • Construction
  • Stroller
  • No parking sign
  • Street performers
  • Restaurant that starts with an S

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Download Your Copy

Click here to grab your free copy of this fun thing to do with kids.

city hunt

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