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Easter Scavenger Hunt For Kids – Free Printable

This Easter Scavenger Hunt for kids printable is a great activity to do with your family during the holiday season. It will get your little ones excited about Easter and running around looking for all of their hunt clues.

Easter Scavenger Hunt For Kids – Free Printable

Because I register that not everyone wants to spend a few hours doing a scavenger hunt with their toddlers, I split out this free printable into two different sections.

The top section are items that I felt would be easy to find. I consider these staples for the Easter holiday. The BONUS POINTS section can be entirely omitted if you desire. Perhaps you didn’t go out this year and buy baskets? That’s ok, you can tell your kids those are extra points and don’t count towards “winning” the challenge.

easter hunt

How do you do an Easter hunt?

Setting up an easter hunt is simple and just takes a bit of early planning. I usually head to the Dollar Store on a day where I have an hour to spare and just pick up whatever I can find for under $10. I try not to spend more than that because we also do baskets for the kids. All this holiday fun ADDS UP, right?

You don’t have to spend a lot to have a great Easter hunt! I promise. Most of these items you probably either have in your house or can find outside just walking around. Thank goodness for town decorations! Use this printable scavenger hunt to kick off the FUN!

Easter Scavenger Hunt for kids

The only thing you need to worry about is making your Easter Scavenger Hunt appropriate for the age of your child. If you are dealing with toddlers, then everything should all be in a section of your backyard and happen during your Easter Egg Hunt. Nice and easy!

If you have older children, perhaps you’d like to spread this scavenger hunt across several days! Have them carry this free printable with them and then when they pass a church as they bike to their friend’s house, they can mark it off. Love that!

easter treasure hunt

Download Your Easter Treasure Hunt Here

If you’d like to download the Easter Treasure Hunt free printable, click here. Print as many copies as you’d like! If you want more scavenger hunt printables, be sure to check out:

easter fun

This is a fun game that my children absolutely love! Set up this adventure for Easter Morning and welcome it as a new family tradition. Easter baskets and filled eggs (plastic eggs) are absolutely part of this time of year. However, use these Easter scavenger hunt clues to amp up the fun! What a fun Easter idea!

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