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7 Ways to Stop Making Excuses

It is very common for people to justify why they aren’t completing everything on their to-do lists. Here are 7 ways to stop making excuses These tools will help you hold yourself accountable and achieve the life you always wanted.

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Always having an explanation for why something didn’t happen is a bad habit that needs to be broken. We tend to justify why we don’t keep promises to ourselves or commitments to others in order to remove guilt from our lives.

A deadline missed. A weightloss goal surpassed. Plans with friends canceled. It always comes down to poor planning and time mismanagement.

How To Stop Making Excuses

This unhealthy habit of constantly making up excuses needs to stop and you can only stop by acknowledging your patterns. It’s time to finally take control of the way you act. What better time to start than … today?

Here are 7 ways that will help you stop fabricating excuses.

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Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

People generally don’t like comparing themselves to others they feel are considered superior. In the end, we will never measure up when everyone is placed on a pedestal.

Even if we have the best year (financially or personally), we assume the Jones had a better one. At least, that’s the thought.

The grass is always greener. You will never be good enough – not when you feel the need to measure up against people you admire. If you make excuses, how will you ever find the energy to do what you need to do and figure out what you really want?

Start taking responsibility by removing comparison from your life. When you do this, you limit a space for yourself to succeed. The only person you should compare yourself to is… yourself.

how to stop making excuses

Change Your Habits

Understand that you can change if you want. You just need to be inspired to do it. If you are content with a mediocre life, then you will have one. If you are ok with not being present in any of your relationships, then your relationships will suffer. Take ownership of that.

You have the authority to change everything and anything you don’t like if you stop making up excuses for your behavior.

There are situations where you will need help. Of course! Things we need to learn. We are not islands!

But this is the point where you acknowledge that you need guidance. This is the point where you take the initiative and start to go after your dreams. Begin to take action. Get out of your comfort zone and start really analyzing your life map.

When I say that you are in complete control, I don’t mean that you have to do everything alone. I mean that you are in control of the order that your life takes.

You have to push the boat into the water, start rowing, and figure out the path. If you need to hire a crew – then make that decision. Stop making excuses that you don’t know how to row!

be realistic about your goals

Be Realistic With Your Goals

Make an achievement plan, but be sure that each line item is achievable. It’s all about ACTION that is obtainable. Learn how to drill down your goals into bite-sized small steps. Celebrate small wins!

If your goals are too wide-eyed and unrealistic, you will stop making them. You will no longer feel like your daily to-do list is working because… what’s the point? Nothing ever gets done!

However, if you make sure that you set goals that are realistic and you actually ensure that you cross out three a day, that momentum will start to feel incredible.

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Taking Responsibility

Being a responsible adult means that you take ownership of what you do and how you react in situations. This means that you face life’s daily challenges head-on and really comprehend how you handle everything that gets thrown your way.

Taking responsibility gives you the ability to understand why you aren’t where you want to be yet in your life. This sharpened awareness will help you reassess your life and give you the ability to figure out the next steps you need to take.

Blaming other people and making excuses was the old way of handling your life. Now, you take complete ownership.

Figure out your next course of action, move forward, and stop feeling as if you are stuck and that life is out of your control.

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how to be responsible for my life

Set Tiny Goals, Not Big Ones

Setting big goals can feel too overwhelming. You might look at your morning list and literally have no idea where to begin. When goals are too big, it feels like you never make any progress.

So, what’s the solution? Break your goals down into smaller ones that are easily achievable. That way, you can visibly see your progress.

Each time you reach one smaller goal, you’ll feel inspired to keep moving forward until you reach your last goal. It’s invigorating!  

Do you have monthly goals? Start right now and create a list of then things you hope to accomplish by next month.

Take Action Every Single Day

Taking risks is also part of taking action. You might have these fantastic plans that appear great in theory… but you never do anything about them. Stop creating excuses and start taking the necessary steps to attain the goals you desire most in your life.

We are looking for solutions not excuses. Make every decision you make moving forward keep this in mind.

focusing on failures

Stop Focusing On Your Failures

We all know that it’s a bit challenging not to focus on the big failures we carry with us. They weigh us down. But in the end, how does all of that torture really help you?

So, you messed up. We all have. It’s called being human. Don’t let your past mistakes define the decades you have ahead of you. Feeling bad for yourself does nothing but prevent movement. Be kind to yourself!

In the end, most justify most of their failures with their excuses—instead of figuring out how to forgive themselves.

Learn to be present. Learn to let go of the past. Learn to work towards a positive and healthy future that benefits everyone around you. And most of all, learn that you are not a summation of the errors on your history line.

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Final Thoughts

Though it may sound simple, don’t let yourself think that life will just happen to you. You play a large part in the way it all plays out and it’s important to always remain in control. People who make excuses usually are not in control.

You’re the maker of your timeline and if you don’t like it… the first step is to quit making excuses. The consequences of making excuses mean that you let others define your path for you.

If you take charge of your life, something unique will occur: you’ll begin to think about ways to change your life. Have the confidence in your ability to succeed and you will. It’s important to hold onto the reins.


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