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11 Ways To Protect Your Energy – Stop Feeling Drained All The Time

There are many ways to protect your energy: sleep, avoid electromagnetic fields, eat good food, don’t over-indulge in the bad stuff (alcohol, etc), be around people who make you feel good. These things are obvious and easy to practice.

protect your energy

Energy protection is not only about protecting yourself from negative energy, it’s also about surrounding yourself with the presence of people who are very ‘light’ and on a high vibrational frequency. It is important to remain grounded, feel safe, and relaxed enough not to get swept away by toxic people. 

11 Ways To Protect Your Energy – Stop Feeling Drained All The Time

A happy person has the ability to take a deep breath and take control of their mental energy. In such troubled times, it’s important to recognize the physical body is a sacred space and is linked to the mind. We need a comprehension of energy and how it works on our state of mind. Those that live an authentic life are more likely to get through difficult times by setting boundaries with people, having an honest conversation with themselves about how they truly feel on a regular basis, and daily mediation practice. 

At one point in your life, you’ve woken up and thought to yourself, “I’m so tired.” Tired, exhausted, drained after full eight hours of sleep – how is that possible? You’d think after a good night’s sleep you would be brimming with energy, and yet. But this problem is very easy to explain. Yes, a good night’s sleep helps your body and mind to replenish your energy, but if you have so many holes through which the energy leaks, no amount of sleep will help you. 

You have to figure out where your energy goes and how you can prevent that from happening, otherwise, there will be more and more days when you wake up tired. Use your intuitive powers to understand what is bothering you and this list below to figure out which common mistakes cost you the most energy. Then work on self-healing techniques to bring your levels back up to where they belong. It might take a couple of weeks worth of work, but it will be worth it. 

Understand Your Feelings

Understand Your Feelings 

You’d be really surprised if you could see how much of your energy goes into denying, ignoring, or running away from your emotions, especially the negative ones. The desire to dismiss those bad-feeling emotions during a difficult situation is understandable, though. It does feel bad to feel bad, and when we are given a choice to either face those feelings or try something not to accept them, most people will go to great lengths to avoid the truth.

But that’s exactly what’s draining your energy – frantically looking for something to make you feel better and avoiding your triggers.

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Set Real Boundaries 

So, that colleague you don’t really like is asking for another favor and you know it will take forever to complete. Odds are you will work twice as much, and you won’t get anything out of helping them except for a pat on the back (and even that’s not guaranteed). Yeah, that’s a hard no.

Anyone who loves themselves and has healthy boundaries will tell you that. So, why can’t you tell yourself the same advice? Work on appreciating, respecting, and loving yourself. If you need to have a difficult conversation with the person in question, then do it. Your health comes first. 

If you often feel tired because of everything you do for other people in your daily life, it’s clear that you don’t have any real boundaries, meaning you don’t know how to say no when you don’t feel like doing something. But it’s your right – no, it’s your duty – to put your needs first and take care of yourself. This skill of setting boundaries will take time to master and is absolutely necessary if you want to protect your energy.

trust your gut

Trust Your Gut 

Have you ever heard the concept of empath energy or intuitive sensations? It means that you should really trust your intuition and believe your instincts. Trusting your gut requires some guts, really, because in the world – for now at least – listening to yourself and following your own voice isn’t considered the right action.

There is a lot of debate about what intuition actually is, and how it works. Consider it a form of sensing energy that you are not typically aware of. Often this information comes in a very physical form, causing us to feel uncomfortable or even fearful – sometimes so much that our mind actively blocks the perception out. Our first instinct when we feel this way is to avoid whatever it is that we are perceiving.

Learn to give in to the fear, and stay in those situations despite the fact that they will make you feel uncomfortable. Dare yourself to confront your fears head-on and work with your mind to overcome them. This process can be excruciating and uncomfortable at first but is absolutely rewarding.

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Cancel Commitments 

When you want to protect your energy, feel free to cancel commitments that you don’t want to attend. Sometimes you will find that the reason you feel uncomfortable in a certain situation or around a certain person is that your subconscious is trying to tell you something. You may not consciously realize why, but if you listen to this feeling it might help lead you into situations that make you happier and more fulfilled.

Don’t worry about what others think of you. A lot of the time we put pressure on ourselves to behave a certain way, or to be a certain type of person when in certain groups. Remove this guilt and pressure from your life. We all spend too much time worrying about what other people think of us and when you are not feeling your best, it is important to remove that negative energy from your space.

energy drain

Stop Being Around People Who Drain Your Energy 

Healthy energy feels good. Never forget that! Stop hanging around people who drain your energy. And don’t tell me a name didn’t pop up in your head when you read this sentence. Of course, you have a person or a few who fit the description; pretty much everyone does. It’s that friend of yours who always talks about bad things that keep happening to her. It’s that colleague who keeps saying things that turn into arguments every time. They are who they are, and you can’t change it, but it’s your choice to give your energy away to these energy vampires or not.

With some people, you can simply cut ties. With others, it’s not so simple. However, you can limit your interaction.

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Change Your Mind 

While people around you do tend to drain your emotional energy a lot, no one does it more than your own mind. I know it’s hard to believe at first, but truly, when we focus on negativity, dissatisfaction with life and everything we do, deep unhappiness, we lose a lot of energy fast. You’ve probably never thought about this, but the simple truth of our world is, it feels bad to think bad thoughts, and it feels great to think good hopeful thoughts. Surround yourself with good. Make the choice.

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Take The Time To Relax And Rejuvenate 

All energy needs to be replenished because no matter how much you protect it, you’ll find yourself drained and exhausted from time to time. And it’s okay! Life isn’t perfect, and you don’t have to be, either. Just remember to take time for yourself, relax, and rejuvenate however you prefer – yoga, shopping, massages, taking a bath, write in a gratitude journal, or taking a walk. 

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Do Nothing 

Sometimes all you need after a very long stressful day is… nothing. By doing nothing, your body can focus on refilling your energy reservoir – just lay in bed and exist. If you are used to an intense rushed lifestyle, doing nothing might feel uncomfortable at first, but the more you make yourself still, the more you’ll appreciate it. It’s a great way to rest, while also getting a chance to take a step back from your busy life.

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let it go

Let it Go 

If you are holding onto something from the past, and are unable to move on, you need to learn how to heal from all of those things and let them go. When you are clinging to someone who left or onto some happy memory, it is preventing you from living in the present. This is also pushing all of your energy to the past which isn’t allowing you to move forward.

So if you want to protect your energy, you’ll have to let IT go, whether it’s your ex, friend, or an amazing job, which is no longer yours, and focus on what you have at this moment. 

Stop Being a Right Fighter 

Do you feel like you have to win every argument no matter what, even if in the middle of it, you realize you are wrong? Well then, this is going to be a tough one for you. You have to stop being a right fighter.

To do that, you should know that your worth and your value do not depend on whether other people agree with your opinion or not. Right fighters also typically fight to win and it doesn’t matter the cost or the topic. They just like to fight. But what is the purpose of the fight and what are you losing to wear that crown? Does every win chip away at something more valuable? Think about that.


Speak Kindly To Yourself

Ah, that self-criticizing, self-doubting, self-hating voice! Kill it. That voice is the reason why you don’t have the energy or will to start that new hobby, go out, meet new people, quit the job you hate, and find the one you love. It lives in your head rent-free and it’s time to stop this madness. 

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Nobody benefits from you tearing yourself apart, least of all you. So, stop hating yourself and make that voice to be your biggest fan. Compliment yourself, notice your achievements, be there for yourself in dark times. You’ll feel so much more energetic and capable, trust me. You’ll find that it takes the same amount of energy to think good thoughts about yourself as it does to think badly of yourself. So make the choice to protect yourself. You are your best friend.

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