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How To Use A Sun Gratitude Journal And Why It’s Worth 5 Minutes A Day

It is so easy to lose focus on what is important in life. To hone in on things that we think matter, when in fact they do NOT. That is why I recommend everyone downloading this Sun Gratitude Journal and make it part of your daily routine.

Sun Gratitude Journal

This gratitude journal printable gives you the ability to assess every day of the month and jot down a highlight from the last 24 hours that you are most thankful for. It will give you a chance to really reflect on your life and all that you hold most dear.

It never hurts to have a friendly reminder, right? Especially this year! When chaos, stress, and turmoil make it almost too hard to breathe – STOP! Sit down and reflect. Center yourself and remember why you are doing what you do.

  • Are you stuck at home homeschooling this year? Be thankful you get to have extra time to connect with your child. 
  • Unhappy at your job? Be grateful you are employed. There are so many people without work and struggling right now.
  • Hate the way your house looks and wish you could afford a remodel? Consider how lucky you are for that roof that keeps you dry. 
  • Missing a loved one and the pain is too hard to bear? This one is hard, but try to be grateful for the special memories you two once created together.

How To Use A Sun Gratitude Journal 

gratitude journal

The Sun Gratitude Journal is easier to use than you think. The hardest part is actually training your brain to find the time to fit it into your daily routine.

Personally, I like to write down my feelings at the closing of every day. I brush my teeth, take my migraine meds, and then reach for my planner. I have a little section of personal printables that I keep towards the end.

I like to end my day releasing a free-flow of thoughts onto paper. Some like to do this digitally. Personally, I like to write it down with a pen. I even get a little crazy and use highlighters and colored pencils at times, but that’s just me.

What do I write? They could be simple pleasures, guilty pleasures, moments I had with my kids, monthly goals I accomplished – you name it!

Why Start Jotting Down Your Thoughts?

gratitude journal

Within just a few days, you will begin to see an attitude shift. When you fill your heart with a grateful outlook over and over again… it begins to become routine and second nature. You can adjust your train of thought and break old habits in 21 days. That’s what they say, you know!

Do your part to wipe away those negative thoughts as best you can. If you had a particularly negative day, don’t focus on the bad. Find the few things that were GOOD. Train yourself to do this. Is it easy? HELL NO! But try to get there, friend. Do it for yourself because you deserve this.

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A Meeting With Ava Duvernay

I encourage you to read this interview with Ava Duvernay that actually changed my perspective on positive thinking and being grateful. They say you meet certain people for a reason. And I truly believe I met her for this very purpose.

Ava Duvernay Gratitude Lesson

Not to learn about the movie she was promoting, not to hear about her upcoming projects, but to hear about how she looks at life. It was one simple question and one simple answer. And I think about it almost every single day.

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How to Use This Gratitude Printable 

black and white journal
  1. Print out your gratitude printable (there are two versions) – right click on either of the above images and save them to your computer. Print as many copies as you’d like.
  2. Every day, write what you are most grateful for by the date number on the sun.
  3. Feel free to extend your writings to the back of the printable if you need to express more than space allows. 
  4. Repeat the process for all the days of the month! 

I recommend keeping your printable on the fridge, by your bed, on your work desk, etc. Make sure it is a visible area that you cannot ignore.

Select a time – each day – to stop, reflect, and write down what you are grateful for in your life. If you find yourself not having a single thing to write about, don’t force it. It will eventually start to naturally come to you.

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