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I Am Thankful Photography Checklist – Gratitude List

This I Am Thankful photography checklist is such a great way to spend time with the kids outside around Thanksgiving making sure they concentrate on what matters most – their gratitude list.

I am Thankful

Who are the people in their lives that they are most grateful for? What are the experiences that fill their hearts with joy? Use this month and this free printable to help walk through these emotions.

I Am Thankful Photography Checklist – Gratitude List

As you know, there are so many things to be grateful for in life – endless options in fact! When it comes to children, it’s best to help narrow down their perspective and give them some focus.

This checklist is a great way to do just that. While we don’t tell them specifically what to be thankful for, we ask them to figure out how to fill each category within the gratitude list. It is a great family bonding activity!

For example, we’ve included options like “a home cooked meal” or “quiet time”. This might look differently for two different people as they work through the list at the same time. It all depends on what matters to the individual.

gratitude list

A homecooked meal to me might look like a stew and a homecooked meal to you might look like grilled chicken! But, we both can agree on one thing – we both have learned to be grateful for what you have.

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How To Use This Gratitude List

When you are ready to have your children participate in this photography challenge, simply print out a copy of the I Am Thankful printable for each participating child. Then make sure that each child has access to a camera.

If they are very young, you can help them take each of the photos, but in order for this to truly work… it’s best to just hand them over a camera and let the little ones loose. Little kids are thankful for LIFE! It will be so fun to see what they come up with!

thankful for life

Hopefully, they will say that they are grateful for you! LOL! As a parent, you DREAM to be included on something like this, but don’t drop any hints. It’s best to let them explore their environment and choose naturally. Read each checkbox item out loud for them if they are too young to read and see what person, place, or thing they come up with!

The truth of the matter is… kids are thankful for everything. That is the truth. That is the beauty of childhood. But that’s why I created this I Am Thankful list – to hone in their minds!!

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What If My Children Don’t Agree With One Of Your Checkboxes?

Ok, here’s the truth… I don’t particularly LOVE chocolate. If your children come across a line item that they don’t agree with, tell them that it’s a freebie. For example, maybe your kids HATE quiet time. Maybe they want nothing to do with silence and it would be the LAST thing they would ever give thanks for. I understand!

grateful for you

Don’t pressure them to finish it all. It’s better to stay true to who they are than to complete this silly checklist. Cross off my idea and have them fill out their OWN ANSWER. Don’t help them answer it. Leave it up to them. After all, if anyone knows what things they are thankful for… it’s a child.

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thankful checklist for kids

Download Your Copy Today

Click here to download your copy of the I Am Thankful Photography List.  I really do hope you use this with your family. I know I developed this for the Thanksgiving timeframe, but you can use this list all year long! After all, who says you have to only be grateful in November?

I am Thankful Photography Checklist - Gratitude List

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