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Free Printable Thank You Cards – Homemade Thank You Note From Kids

I’m always on the hunt for free printable thank you cards for my kids. As a mom of three, I have three birthday parties to plan as well as a slew of holidays to dance around all year long. We have dozens of presents coming in and out of this house and no one is complaining – especially not the kids! 

Printable Thank You Cards

Because of this, we have to write plenty of thank you notes. In fact, it’s something we are very passionate about. I truly believe it’s important to receive a personalized note from a child. When I receive personalized thank you cards from kids, it just warms my heart.

In case you’d like to have your children creatively express themselves in the same way, I created three free printable thank you cards for you to download and enjoy. The designs vary depending on what mood your child is in. Check them out! 

Free Printable Thank You Cards – Homemade Thank You Note From Kids

Let’s talk about a bit about the design.  You see that big circle in the middle? I left that there so your child can draw a picture for the gift giver. It could be a huge smiley face or it could be a more detailed design of whatever they’d like.

I don’t want to get too much into what I’d expect because art should truly be left up to interpretation. Have them create what they want to create. But if I’m being honest… when I CREATED this printable thank you cards design, I had a face in mind. 🙂 A big HAPPY face. 

Homemade Thank You Note From Kids

The fill in the blank spots are all pretty self-explanatory.  You can personalize this sheet as you see fit. I guess if I had to tell you one thing it would be about the “I can’t wait to” line. What I meant for this section is to talk a bit about what the child plans to do with the toy. What will they do with the blocks?

I can’t wait to build with the blocks. Or the crayons! I can’t wait to draw with the crayons. Catch my drift? It’s just a way for the child to think a bit about what they are going to do with the item they just received. 

I have a Kindergartener and I am always looking for ways to push him a bit. Personalized printable thank you cards can do just that. 

Thank You Note From Kids

Download All Three Printable Homemade Thank You Notes Here 

Click here to download all three options of these handmade notes and enjoy! These three free printable thank you cards are perfect for birthday or holiday celebrations. I always love to have my children involved in everything that I do. Have them stuff the envelopes and stamp the front if they want as well. 

Do you have your children write personalized thank you cards after receiving a gift? Would love to hear!

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