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    Halloween Scavenger Hunt Printable – Halloween Candy List

    My children love to hunt for special candy on Halloween. In fact, we make a little game out of it every year. It’s always an adventure and I am ALWAYS in on the sweet scan. Candy scavenger hunts are the best kind… wouldn’t you say? This year, I made my children a fun little printable and included the top purchased candy brands PER STATE. So, according to national purchasing habits, these candies should be really easy to find. I didn’t want my children to feel disappointed at the end of the day. SO, the checklist is an easy one!  This Halloween Scavenger Hunt Printable is meant to be fun and I am certain your children will get a kick out of filling it out.

    Halloween Scavenger Hunt Printable – Halloween Candy List

    Even if Halloween is over, you can still print out a copy for your kids and let them sort through their Halloween candy stash to see what kind of candy is in their reserve. The kids sometimes ask for me to print out this list on a random month and they check off candy as they eat it throughout their everyday life. It’s just so FUNNY.

    Halloween Scavenger Hunt Printable - Halloween Candy List

    The different types of candy range from chocolate to hard candy to gum to nut filled. Again, these choices were really based on national averages. The top sales! I didn’t pick these because they were my favorite. The truth is … I don’t even like most of these treats. EEK! Did I just say that? I’m more of a hard candy kind of girl. I wouldn’t have put so much chocolate if this was my personal list. 🙂 Hey – just being honest!! This Halloween Scavenger List is truly balanced and based on sales – not me. So, get ready for some fun!!

    Print Your Halloween Scavenger Hunt Download – Halloween Candy List

    Click here to access your copy of the Halloween Scavenger Hunt printable. Print as many copies as you’d like. Remember – it doesn’t have to just be for Halloween night. The kids will really enjoy this Halloween Candy List all year long. Even a few trips to Grandma’s house will probably knock off half of one column! HA!

    What do you think of this Halloween Scavenger Hunt printable? Something you’d like to use? Want to see what my kids brought home on Halloween night? You won’t believe it!

    Needless to say, we have candy for DAYS!

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