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Designer Prescription Eyeglass Frames For Girls

Looking for the best Designer Prescription Eyeglass Frames For Girls? These frames are super stylish and perfect for young girls. 

I have a daughter that loves fashion and accessories. What can I say? She is a girl after my own heart! That’s why it’s not surprising to me that Natalie chooses to express herself through style. When she is feeling particularly spunky, she throws on a few extra accessories and pops of color. When she is in a mood – (welcome to teenage life) – she tones everything down and throws on a black sweatshirt and jeans. And when she is feeling girl, she throws on a floral dress and puts her hair in a french braid. It’s so fun to see what new person will emerge from her room every morning. So, when it was time to get a second pair of prescription eyeglass frames for her to keep in school, I knew we had to opt for one with character and style.

Designer Prescription Eyeglass Frames For Girls

Eyeglass Frames For Girls: The New Nine West Eyewear Collection has a new collection that absolutely worked!  Their optical eyewear styles are spirited and youthful and feature a smaller fit with on-trend details such as faux pearls, metal studs, and heart details. It’s been such a pleasure watching my baby girl grow up into a beautiful young lady. Watching her turn from a toddler into a teen hasn’t always been easy, but she’s my turning into my best friend and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Designer Prescription Eyeglass Frames For Girls Designer Prescription Eyeglass Frames For Girls

Mother-Daughter Bonding

It’s funny – I remember my very first pair of Nine West shoes. I was in college and I needed to get a pair of shoes to wear while interviewing for jobs during my junior year. I never looked back. The style and comfort cannot be beaten. Now, Natalie gets to experience all of that and more with her new frames. Super fun! It’s almost like I am helping my daughter step into womanhood and these glasses will give her the confidence to take on the world… on her own terms and with her own spunk! High school… here she comes!

And let me just say this as a mother of a teenager, we need options for our young daughters. They are not little kids anymore, but they aren’t boring old ladies EITHER. There is an in-between that needs to be addressed. does just that. How can a 14-year-old resist on-trend details like faux pearls and metal studs? Come on!Designer Prescription Eyeglass Frames For Girls

Designer Prescription Eyeglass Frames

Natalie had so much fun looking through the many styles that has to offer. We tested out a variety of styles and colors and decided on a frame that worked best for her face and mood. Personally, I wanted to put my two cents in, but we are at a point in motherhood where we just have to sit back and let them BE. I didn’t want to give too much advice because Natalie is someone who is still finding herself. So, I’m letting her find herself. She chose the prescription eyeglass frames that she liked best and we went with them. Period! And she was so happy for it. At some point, you have to just let them define their style on their own and watch as they grow.

Designer Prescription Eyeglass Frames For Girls

Designer Prescription Eyeglass Frames For Girls

Get Your Daughter a Pair

Check out these Nine West Eyewear styles at Plus, get 20% off Nine West frames with code LB20 for a limited time!

Oh, and if you have VSP Vision Care coverage, is the only site where you can buy brand name glasses and use your VSP benefits IN network. So, that’s really good to know!

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Nicole Feliciano

Tuesday 13th of November 2018

One of mine is in glasses too. They are expensive and need to be cute. This is a great resource.


Tuesday 13th of November 2018

My brother swears by these. I may need some myself.

Lily Ashley militaryfamof8

Saturday 10th of November 2018

She looks absolutely adorable! Thank you very much for the code, I need to buy some new ones for myself.

Michele Pineda

Friday 9th of November 2018

Thanks for sharing, I have a 16 yr old that alternates between her contacts and glasses, and I have been hoping to find some cute styles that she would like for girls her age.


Friday 9th of November 2018

These are so stylish, yet cute too! Love that there are so many options- they would be perfect for my 23 year old too!

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