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Take The 30 Day Drawing Challenge – Fun Daily Prompts Filled With Artistic Inspiration

This 30 Day Drawing Challenge will create an artistic schedule for you to follow for the next few weeks that will fill up your journal and inspire you to start looking at the world a bit differently. If you’re looking for a checklist that will enable you to work on your drawing skills, loosen up your creativity, and give you something fun to do during your free time… you found it!

30 day drawing challenge

My family loves to do 30 Day Art Challenges together, but if I am being honest with you – you don’t need ANYONE to do this list with. In fact, you should understand that you could work on this drawing challenge at your own pace.

If it takes you a few days to move onto the next art activity, it’s fine. Art is about creativity and freedom. But you know that.

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What is the 30 day drawing challenge

What is the 30 day drawing challenge?

I have several photography challenges on the blog that encourage creatives to walk around their environment and capture their life using their unique perspective. This 30 day drawing challenge is very similar.

What does “something you miss” look like? Odds are it looks very different to what I miss. Better yet, how about the view from your window? Probably looks very different than mine.

If you have a group to share the results with, please do. But like I said, you don’t need that. Use these drawing prompts as a means to express your creativity on your own time.

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Take The 30 Day art Challenge

Take The 30 Day Drawing Challenge

Here are 30 art concepts to focus on and to interpret.

  1. A view from your bedroom window
  2. A mirror selfie
  3. Your main town square
  4. Your favorite memory
  5. Your childhood best friend
  6. Something you love
  7. Something you miss
  8. A far away place
  9. The sunrise
  10. Breakfast
  11. Something in a spooky setting
  12. Forgiveness
  13. Draw your insides
  14. A night walk in Paris
  15. One of your guilty pleasures
  16. Your favorite dessert
  17. June
  18. Mermaid
  19. A barnyard
  20. A three prompt comic strip
  21. Favorite book character
  22. Family portrait
  23. Holiday tradition
  24. Snow-globe
  25. Something on fire
  26. Any doodle of your choice
  27. Fairy forest
  28. A magic spell working
  29. The past
  30. Today

Download your own copy of this list to work off of HERE.

How do I get better at drawing

How do you get better at drawing?

A lot of people want to know how to get better at drawing and the answer is very simple. Practice. It takes lots of practice to get better at anything. But there is something really unique about art. Art is all up to the interpreter and to the artist. So, everyone is great at art – as long as you are passionate!

I have several drawing lessons on my site including – How to Draw Disney Characters. I also offer up suggestion prompt for kids – like 100 Things to Draw with Chalk. I truly believe in the power of drawing and expression. I’ve been a doodler my entire life.

When I was in elementary school, my teachers used to wrap my desk up in brown paper bags and let me doodle all over them because I had a bit of a tick about drawing on everything I could…even school property. The brown paper bags were their way of saving the desks and allowing me to continue to express myself freely. I was the only one in the class that had it on their desk because I was the only one who literally couldn’t stop. I just loved to draw all the time.

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drawing and art journal

How do I start drawing?

How do I start drawing? You start by picking up a pen or pencil and a piece of paper and then you go. You draw the first thing that comes to your mind. Long lines that connect and reconnect. Patters or no patterns at all – it doesn’t matter. As long as you release whatever is inside of you and you get it out and onto that page, you will feel better.

This 30 Day Drawing Challenge can help guide you through this process. You won’t have to wake up and wonder what you will draw each morning. The art challenge will do that for you!

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art challenge

I hope you consider giving this one a shot!


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