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30 Inspirational Art Journal Prompts To Boost Creativity

These art journal prompts will inspire you to tap into your creativity and plug deep into your artistic soul on days when you wake up not knowing what to draw. Use this drawing prompt list as a means to help guide you through a creative journey of discovery!

art journal prompts

We love to feature drawing ideas on this blog because it’s one of my family’s favorite hobbies. Have you seen 100 Sketchbook Prompts, Sketchbook Ideas – How Do I Make My Sketchbook Interesting?, Observational Drawing For Kids – 50 Ideas To Get You Started, Take The 30 Day Drawing Challenge, and Nature Drawing For Kids – 10 Easy Tutorials To Get Them Started? Those are just a few creative posts we have live today!

There are just so many journaling benefits that will get you motivated and inspired to continue to share your creativity with the world. Once you start on your journaling experience, it will be hard to stop.

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30 Inspirational Art Journal Prompts To Boost Creativity

  1. Draw your favorite flower
  2. Draw something using only circles
  3. The horizon
  4. The view from the top of the mountain
  5. Pressed flowers
  6. Draw something in your kitchen
  7. Somebody’s secret
  8. Draw the view from outside your front window
  9. Something that makes you smile
  10. Something that brings you hope
  11. Something that makes you sad
  12. Your dream last night
  13. Something on fire
  14. Draw your favorite word
  15. A song
  16. A wish
  17. Use items from around the house to make a collage
  18. Trace something
  19. A full garden in bloom
  20. A mismanaged garden – wilting away
  21. Being underwater
  22. A big mystery
  23. A woman in danger
  24. Something in complete balance
  25. Draw today
  26. Draw what peace looks like to you
  27. Draw a legend
  28. Something beyond our world
  29. Draw something we cannot see
  30. Draw love

Just Keep Drawing

A lot of people who want to learn how to draw don’t realize that the secret in the sauce is… to keep drawing. Every single day you just draw something. ANYTHING. Don’t get caught up on the WHAT.

It’s more about getting in a groove and practicing putting your energy onto a canvas. I once heard someone say to pick an animal and do something unique with that animal for a month at a time.

practice not perfection

So, let’s say it’s a frog. Every single day I would then draw that frog either dancing, or sitting, or doing his taxes. Whatever!

It’s not about perfecting the frog – it’s about getting out of my own way. I already know I have to draw a frog. The rest will just come naturally to me. Have fun with it!

Remember to remove yourself from the moment and let your passion and your skills take over. Enjoy your time away from all the stress that the world has to offer. Be creative and use these art journal prompts to do just that! It’s not about perfection – it’s just about practice.

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