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100 Sketchbook Prompts To Inspire Your Next Drawing

These 100 sketchbook prompts will help inspire you to finally sit down and start drawing again! These creative sketch journal prompts are diverse and exploratory – each promising to help expand your mind.

sketchbook prompts

We’ve all experienced a creative block from time to time. This exercise, which will walk you through over 100 sketching ideas, will stretch your creativity and release any personal mental restraints you’ve been feeling.

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100 Sketchbook Prompts To Inspire Your Next Drawing

So, whether you want to start out by working on your self portrait, a town fair, or focus on your pet sleeping – this list will jumpstart your next art adventure.

  1. Draw a relative
  2. Draw yourself twenty years from now
  3. Holiday wreath
  4. Central Park in the summer
  5. A town fair
  6. A scoop of ice cream
  7. Draw a sports figure
  8. Your self-portrait
  9. Draw a hotel room
  10. An animal perched upon a tree
  11. An elderly person watching television
  12. Draw a pile of candy
  13. Draw a pile of laundry
  14. Draw popped popcorn
  15. Heroes and villains
  16. Candlesticks
  17. Aircraft overhead
  18. A piece of jewelry
  19. Home
  20. Soft linen falling off of the table
  21. Book covers
  22. Sinking ship
  23. Christmas tree
  24. Draw a pile of seashells
  25. Grafitti
  26. Your favorite children’s book
  27. The inside of a computer
  28. Draw yourself drawing in front of a mirror
  29. Chinese food
  30. Worn out shoes
  31. Cobblestone street
  32. Food carts
  33. A passport
  34. Draw your pet sleeping
  35. House plant
  36. A pile of laundry
  37. A tattoo you want to get
  38. A seashell
  39. A stray dog looking for food
  40. A park bench
  41. A makeup brush set
  42. A house of cards
  43. A quiet park
  44. A bustling park
  45. A monster under your bed
  46. A flower wilting
  47. Your version of the Mona Lisa
  48. Expired food in a fridge
  49. Wireless headphones
  50. A face mask
  51. Thanksgiving dessert
  52. Wine spilling
  53. Stop sign
  54. Roses
  55. Lilies
  56. The current state of the world
  57. Your neighbor’s house
  58. An ice cream shop
  59. Moonlight
  60. A woman in mourning
  61. A sunrise
  62. A sunset
  63. Draw a mysterious doorway
  64. A sleeping dog
  65. A ferocious cat
  66. A stopwatch
  67. A tree in full bloom
  68. Bowl of plums
  69. Hanging laundry
  70. Dancing ballerina
  71. Something melting
  72. Wounded tiger
  73. Houseplants on a windowsill
  74. Luggage by a cab
  75. Winding staircase
  76. Someone who cares about you
  77. Someone who doesn’t care about you
  78. A ghost from your past
  79. Baseball game
  80. Princess and a frog
  81. Draw a masked man
  82. Misty forest
  83. Mountainscape
  84. Pile of blankets
  85. Child swinging in the park
  86. Mother holding a baby
  87. Phone receiving a text message
  88. Garbage can
  89. Overgrown bushes
  90. Jewelry box
  91. An open backpack
  92. A wedding proposal
  93. Sleeping snake
  94. Political divide
  95. A busy hairdresser
  96. Pumpkins
  97. Lemon tree
  98. Pirates at sea
  99. A portion of your room
  100. A rooster

Now, you have plenty of ideas to start sketching! I hope these sketching prompts give you the inspiration you need to open up your book and get creative again.

drawing prompts

Do you need to assign yourself these drawings in order? Or will you randomly work your way through the list? That is entirely up to you!

Sketching Variations

If you want to try to try something a bit different, consider the following additional artistic options:

  • From above
  • From below
  • Under water
  • In outer space
  • Using your left hand
  • Using your right hand
  • With your eyes closed

You get the drift – change your perspective!! Change your mood. Think about these drawing prompts in a different way.

sketch journal prompts

So, what are you waiting for? Begin practicing your drawing skills and let me know what you think.

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