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40 Family Bonding Activities- Why It’s Important For Families

Family bonding time is so important especially during trying times. There are many activities designed to build closeness among family members that don’t require much pre-planning and are fun for the whole family.

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40 Family Bonding Activities- Why It’s Important For Families

There are so many family bonding activities that you and your children can enjoy together to foster closer ties. No matter what, the most important thing to remember about this special time is physical contact.

Hugs and kisses and snuggles – if you are lucky enough to be in the same room as your child, then use that opportunity to cuddle. We spend so much of the week working and acting as responsible adults. When we finally find a moment to spend with our children, we should squeeze them with all of our might.

So, as we gear up for movie night, make sure to sit right by their side. When you tag your son while playing hide and go seek, squeeze him SO HARD as a reward. Moments like these are fun for the whole family.

Family bonding isn’t just about hours spent – it’s about the emotions we feel and the memories we create during those hours. Use them wisely. Not everyone is so blessed to have endless free time to dedicate to play.

How do you promote family bonding?

The beautiful thing about children is that they don’t need to have a lot of money spent on them to feel loved. In fact, the best memories are often found in the nothing moments.

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Here are 40 different ways to can spend time with your little ones and create lasting memories together.

  1. Whip out some board games for kids
  2. Family movie night
  3. Work on a family contract
  4. Work on a family budget
  5. Start a scrapbook
  6. Participate in a scavenger hunt
  7. Play some challenge games
  8. Ask some of these 100 Would You Rather Questions
  9. Have a dance party
  10. Enjoy the simple pleasures in life
  11. Play hide and seek
  12. Sit down and have a meal together
  13. Mindful activities
  14. Have a cooking bake off
  15. Start a lemonade stand
  16. Drive around the neighborhood together and enjoy the fresh air
  17. Learn a new skill together
  18. Create a family time capsule
  19. Write poems and stories together
  20. Bake something together – like this banana bread recipe
  21. Work through this “I am Thankful” photography checklist
  22. Go for a long walk or a hike
  23. Go camping in your backyard
  24. Watch your favorite TV show together
  25. Make an ice cream sundae
  26. Plan a trip together
  27. Tickle monster!
  28. Build a fort
  29. Write a thank you letter to your family
  30. Random Acts of Kindness!
  31. Read a book together
  32. Watch some safe YouTube creators together
  33. Minute to win it games
  34. Play your child’s favorite video games
  35. Start a new hobby
  36. Exercise together
  37. Start a VLOG
  38. Have a drawing contest
  39. Enjoy some cupcakes – like this black forest cupcake recipe
  40. Charades
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What are the benefits of family bonding?

Studies have found that spending quality time together as a family build confidence in children and also helps them understand how to play with their peers. On top of all of that, it creates lasting memories for the family unit. That, my friend, is absolutely priceless.

Children who have great relationships with their family also seem to have a more positive outlook on life. How wonderful! If that isn’t a reason to schedule a family game night, I don’t know what is!

What happens when you don’t spend enough time with your family?

Not spending enough time with your family can lead to communication issues and an overall weak family bond. There is actually nothing positive that can come out of this scenario. So, let’s not even think of this as an option.

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Family Bonding Activities And Games

Are you looking for family bonding games that you can play with your kids? I don’t want to leave you hanging. I have lots of ideas for board games that you can take home and try out with your littles.

Of course, there is always hide and seek, backyard water games, easy card games, and challenge games that all promise up loads of laughs. But here are some tangible options you can bring home today – serious family bonding games to incorporate into your weekly routine.

Fun For The Whole Family

Do you have something special in mind for your little ones now that you’ve read my above suggestions? Spending time focusing on family fun is always a great idea. I would love to know your thoughts! Leave your comment below.


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