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Have Bored Kids? What To Include In Kids Activity Packs

Bored kids are constantly looking for something to do and as a parent it is your job to keep their minds occupied. When iPads and cartoons are out of the question these kids activity packs will keep their interests engaged and attention occupied for hours.

kids activity packs

Have Bored Kids? What To Include In Kids Activity Packs

Depending on what type of child you have should determine the kids activity pack you create. If you have an artist, then you should absolutely include crayons, paper, markers, and glitter.

Have a child that likes to race around and burn off some energy? I would opt for things with wheels like cars and trucks. Anything that can promote action and movement.

Have a dreamer? Then fill a bag with toys that promote active play. Dolls and playhouse toys like chairs and tables will give your child plenty to do on his/her own.

Either way, it’s all about giving your bored child something to do. The secret is not having these kids activity kits available and in plain sight. They have to come out as a surprise!

WHIP THE ZIPLOC BAG OUT WHEN THEY LEAST EXPECT IT! YEOW! Watch those eyes explode with joy.

Please note, this also works when you are flying on a plane. I bring bags like these for long flights and don’t allow them to play with them until after the first round of snacks. They know I have them. They have no idea what is inside of them. It drives them CRAZY. Take the same train of thought and use it for road trips. IT WORKS!

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Purchasing Options Online

Grow 'N Glow Terrarium Science Kits for Kids - Create Your Own Mini Ecosystem, Educational Toys

If you don’t want to make your own kits, you don’t have to. There are plenty of options available on Amazon. Here are some great boxed options that require coordination and attention, but that also promise some fun. This section contains affiliate links:

  • Rock Painting Kit – Rock painting kit for kids: spread kindness and positivity by painting and hiding rocks throughout your community. Customize your painted rocks so they are unique to you.
  • Grow N Glow Terrarium – Experience the wonder of nature with the Grow N’ Glow Terrarium! This kit allows you to craft, plant, water and grow your own terrarium tabletop garden.
  • Create Your Own Window Art – Make your windows pop with 20 whimsical window art creations! Color 12 suncatcher shapes and create custom transfers with vibrant suncatcher paints!
  • Gemstone Digging Kit (STEM) – Unveil precious stones: reveal 11 real gemstones including turquoise and Amethyst
  • Paint by Stickers for Kids – The educational swiss army knife of sticker books.
  • My First Origami Kit – The kit comes with everything you need which I love because you can easily take the box to go. It comes with book filled with step by step, clear instructions for 22 origami projects. The kit also comes with 60 two-sided origami sheets and 150 decorative stickers from eyes, paws and more.
  • Outdoor Explorer Set – With 20 pieces, the kids outdoor adventure kit has everything to keep a child occupied for hours. 

Breaking Down What To Include In The Joy Pack

If you don’t want to buy items in a store and you need to create something fun and FAST, don’t worry! You can! You have everything you need – right in your house. I am sure of it. It’s all about how you display it to your children.

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If your children like to run around, consider adding some obstacle courses to their activity pack. That way they can build out a course for their little cars and trucks. They will have to push the vehicles around and maybe get into a crash or two.

kids activity packs

I haven’t met a child that doesn’t like to draw. Plain and simple. Grab some markers, a notebook, and some post-it notes. If you have stickers -that’s a bonus! Get everything and anything you have on hand that is related to art and throw it in this activity kit. Your little ones will be so THRILLED.

things to do with bored kids

I always like to add a book to the bag that has the dolls because bored kids like to read stories to their favorite toys. Have them set up shop and then get comfortable for story time.

bored kids

Do you have any sort of collection at home? We have Hatichmals – remember those? They are SO GREAT for lining UP and making groups! I like to add a pen to this bag because if they want to create a list outlining all the ones they have, the children can!

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no more bored kids

No More Bored Kids!

What do you think? Whether you opt for a craft kit or an art kit – it doesn’t matter. They will have so much fun! Do any of these suggestions work for your little ones? Would love to hear! Looking for more suggestions for things to do at home? Here are a few helpful links:

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