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My Kids Are Home! Now What? A List Of 10 Time Blocks They Can Do Daily

Most parents across the country are facing home schooling for the very first time as work at home parents and don’t know how to fill up their children’s schedule. If you are looking for things for your children to do during the day while you work, here is a checklist printable that outlines ten tasks they can perform in time blocks.

These tasks will help keep them busy, engaged and off the video games.

lockdown time blocking schedule printable for work at home parents

My Kids Are Home! Now What? A List Of 10 Time Blocks They Can Do Daily

I promised myself I wouldn’t talk about our country current state because I can barely handle it in my own house and I am still not going to. I have no desire to add to the INFLUX OF SCIENCE that is pouring onto your Facebook timelines. However, I started as a mom blogger and I cannot help but write about what I know and what I know is what I am living. I am living through this moment right along side you.

Yesterday, did not count. Our schools haven’t started distant learning yet. We are slow to get into the groove. If I am being honest with you, I have a feeling we are looking at distant learning until the end of the school year and I cannot have another YESTERDAY as a work-at-home mom for 3 more months in a row. There is just no way. It was complete chaos.

So, I created a time block schedule for my little ones that gets them outside a bit, gets them learning new things that they’ve always wanted to explore, gets them engaging with friends, gets them active, gets them acknowledging they own a DOG…

I mean, you name it… I put it on our list. My hope is that they will be able to break up their days – however they’d like – and be constructive and productive with this new plan in place.

lockdown and homeschooling checklist for kids

One Bent Rule With This New Home Schooling Plan

My eldest daughter had one request as I was printing out the new ten point time blocking kids’ plan last night and I thought it was a great one. She asked if they could only do 9 a day. Meaning that each child could omit one task from their to-do list.

Perhaps she didn’t feel like working on 30 minutes of tap today! Then she doesn’t have to. I liked that! Not everyone has to do EVERYTHING all the time. We, as adults, don’t always have to give it our all! I thought that was a great idea.

affirmations for children

What Are Some Special Things Your Children Can Work On Learning Online?

I wanted to clarify the specialty area. My daughter wants to work on learning sign language. My cousin is deaf and I’ve always known the alphabet to at least be able to spell things out to her. Whenever we go and visit her, my little one loves to watch the two of us communicate. Natalie wants to try to learn a few words to surprise my cousin for this summer’s visit.

You can also consider:

  • Origami
  • Piano
  • Knitting
  • Guitar
  • Yoga
  • Sewing
  • Daily affirmations
  • Writing a book
  • Work on our family tree
  • Teach the dog some tricks
  • Investing the stock market (for fun)
  • Card tricks
  • Learn a new language
what to do with kids now that we are on lockdown
what to do with kids now that we are on lockdown

Download Your Copy Today

Here are the two copies shown above. This is the blue printable that doesn’t have the 1/4 mile listed for the dog walk. If you have younger children, maybe that is too much of a walk for them. This is the pink copy with the 1/4 mile reference.

I hope this helps you in some way. I am really excited about introducing some fresh air into our day. It’s also a great way for parents to just STOP whatever is happening and tell the kids that it’s time to pick a new activity. They can pick whatever they want to do! But they have to pick something.

Good luck on this new venture. It is all new waters – we are all in this together. One step at a time and all that. Until tomorrow.

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