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Rainbow Scavenger Hunt – Outdoor Walk Idea To Unify Neighborhoods

Have you heard about the rainbow scavenger hunt that neighborhoods are setting up in order to give kids something fun to do these days? My town in Nassau, Long Island is participating and I think it is the most incredible idea. Here’s everything you need to know should you want to take part (or start) a rainbow hunt for your child and their friends.

rainbow walk

Rainbow Scavenger Hunt – Outdoor Walk Idea To Unify Neighborhoods

It’s no secret that parents are dealing with a lot of bored kids these days. After we run out of silly questions and virtual zoo tours, the next step on our list will be to get our little ones outside.

But some kids just aren’t into WALKS. I know my three hate it when I tell them to go outside to get some fresh air. They need PURPOSE. They need a… quest. What can I say? I have a bunch of gamers under my roof! I won’t pretend otherwise.

rainbows over nassau

So, when I heard about Rainbows over Nassau and Rainbows over Suffolk… I just had to share because this rainbow scavenger hunt idea is INCREDIBLE! Your children will love to explore their neighboring blocks if they know that they are searching for specific items.

And who doesn’t love a pretty rainbow?? What a prize to keep our eyes on! I’m getting my sneakers on as we speak. 😉

Dressing Up Like A Rainbow

girl wearing a rainbow dress

You can even take it a step further and dress your littles up in their favorite rainbow dresses and shirts. If you don’t have anything with rainbows on them – don’t worry! Just think about lots of color.

Better yet – have your kids DRESS THEMSELVES! Tell them to go into their rooms and think of the most colorful outfit they can come up with. That would be a photo worth sharing!

Make Your Own Rainbow For Your Front Door

rainbow drawings on front doors

Besides searching, you can also participate by creating your very own paintings and drawings and placing those rainbows on front doors and windows. That way, when little kids walk by your house, they will get excited to find another colorful reward.

It’s all about doing something together right now as we are all so very much apart. I cannot tell you how much I love this!!!! Be sure to email all your local friends and tell them to jump on board.

It’s a simple ask and will take 5 minutes to do. But how many smiles will it create in a week? Countless.

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rainbow scavenger hunt

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your crayons and pencils, markers and sheets of white paper… and get to work! We have little kids that need some cheering up!

outdoor scavenger hunt ideas

Are you ready to go on a rainbow hunt? Have you done it already? Would love to hear! And a big thanks to my friend, Jill, who sent along these photos of her beautiful daughter for me to use.

Looking for other things to do with your kids?

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