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Book Scavenger Hunt Printable For Kids – Fun Searches While Reading

This book scavenger hunt printable for kids will help children who don’t love to read get excited about flipping through their new book. Work as a family or allow the reader to find all these clues alone. These 8 universal clues will work on any title.

book scavenger hunt

Book Scavenger Hunt Printable For Kids – Fun Searches While Reading

My son doesn’t always love to read and I’m not ashamed to write that because not everyone can have a passion for everything in life. It just isn’t possible. In an attempt to make reading time a bit more exciting, I came up with this hunt and it has changed the way he looks at reading time now.

Now, he looks forward to finding certain clues as we read our new story together. And guess what? It really works! This book-hunt printable truly engages his mind and gets him excited about reading which I am so very thankful for as a mom.

My son is a pirate!! He loves looking for treasure and having a map… so to speak.

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Easy To Follow For Every Age

This book scavenger hunt is an easy-to-follow list and works with almost every book we read together. I focused on universal themes like friendship, happiness, a pain point, and the easiest one of them all – the author’s name.

With just 8 clues to find, even the smallest of books will work. Don’t worry!

  • Something that makes you laugh
  • Someone helping another person
  • A sad moment
  • An animal
  • Two friends
  • Something that is beautiful
  • The author’s name
  • The number of pages
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For Book Lovers And Non-Book Lovers Alike

And please note – this book scavenger hunt is not just for children who need an extra push when it comes to reading time. Kids who LOVE to read will also get a kick out of this handout, as well. I think everyone loves to hunt for clues.

book club scavenger hunt for kids

Download Your Scavenger Hunt Copy Here

To access your copy, simply click here. This will enable you to save as many copies as you’d like. Remember, you can also bookmark this page and return to grab new copies when your child is ready to read a new book and start a new hunt!

How To Raise A Reader

In the day and age of Fortnite, I think it is still important to make sure we set aside time for reading on a regular basis – even during the summer. I also would like to add… even when it is not required.

In order to raise avid readers, we have to set the example. Are we reading in front of our children? Are we showing them that reading is a priority in the household?

Our littles are like SPONGES! They will do what they SEE. If we are checking Facebook all day, then why would it NOT be ok for them to check Roblox?

In order to raise avid readers, we must first instill a passion for it. Starting them young is also key… but if you missed that mark, FEAR NOT! The best time to start is right now.

My last tip is to keep things FUN and ENTERTAINING. Find books that they will LOVE and if that means graphic novels in the beginning, GIRL… GO FOR IT! Don’t worry about the topic while you are building a habit.

keep reading entertaining

Keep Reading Entertaining

This book scavenger hunt falls in line with the last tip about fun. You might think that printing out an activity for them to do while reading might feel excessive, but if it gets them excited to flip through the pages, then we’ve WON as parents. At least for that moment….

I hope you enjoy your copy of the book scavenger hunt! Treat it as a group activity if your children are really young. I am all about squeezing in family bonding activities whenever I can.

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