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A Thank You Message For My Family And A Gift Of Gratitude From The Heart

February is the month of love and I wanted to write a thank you message for my family to let them know just how much they all meant to me each and every day. What better time to express these feelings than while you are filled with gratitude?

Valentine’s Day is smack in the middle of it all and that means that people everywhere tend to focus more on issues of the heart. When I was dating him, I focused a lot on my husband, but now that I am a mom, my love spans out and reaches a few more special people in my life.

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thank you message for my family

A Thank You Message For My Family And A Gift Of Gratitude From The Heart

These people are always there for me—through thick and thin. They continue to show support for my dreams and my aspirations—even when they take me away from them. During my struggles—those nights when a migraine attack renders me useless—I know who I can count on to pick up the slack, to give me an extra hug, to dim the lights. That’s why writing this thank you message for my family is so very important.

I am saddened by the fact that my children understand these things and that they carry these burdens at such a young age, but at the same time, I am so grateful to have them by my side.

So, during the month of love, I want to give something back to my family—a promise, if you will. I want to thank my family for all the times they’ve put me first when I’ve had migraine attacks.

I want to acknowledge that the little things they do for me do NOT go unnoticed and I need them to understand that I plan on making up all the lost moments I’ve missed due to feeling unwell. That’s why I printed out the below thank you message for my family and gave it to them – one at a time.

thank you message for my family to le them know I care

We can’t help when we are overcome by a migraine attack. Sometimes, they stop us right in our tracks. In fact, last month, for the first time, I missed a school concert. In 11 years, I never missed one.

However, I had such a massive attack, that I couldn’t leave the house. I just couldn’t. I stayed in a dark room with my eyes closed while the rest of my family celebrated my daughter on stage. And you know what I did? I cried. This, of course, made my migraine attack much worse. 

Look, I can either mourn the loss of a motherly moment or I can push forward and create new memories. Now that the moment has passed, I choose the latter.

Whether I’m learning more about my different migraine attacks on, or finding ways to give back to my family, I’m glad I have ways to feel empowered and act.

Here’s what I plan on doing with each member of my family to make up for all the time we’ve lost due to migraine attacks this year. Here’s a look at my thank you message for my family.

Thank you message for my family

thank you family

Liam sits with me and reads me stories when I need to close my eyes due to a migraine attack. He also plays his iPad next to me in the dark and tells me what he is doing within the app.

I am a gamer, so, believe it or not, that boy actually plays my games and levels me up when I can’t get to my favorites. It’s the little things that count, right?

My gift to him will be more time with the lights ON. I would love to read a book with him or maybe even have him teach me a song or two on his guitar. We are just starting lessons over here in the Sweeney household, and it’s so exciting when a tune comes together.

thank you my husband
thank you family and friends

My daughter, Natalie, loves a great night out. She constantly BEGS to head to a restaurant. It gives me a little bit of a complex as the at-home chef. LOL!! But I would love to take her out for some quality girl time to thank her for all the times she’s kissed my forehead or made me some art to make me feel better when I experience a migraine attack.

She’s always drawing me pictures or molding with clay. My crafty little princess!! In fact, I owe her a few art sessions after school. Going to write that down in my book as well.

appreciate family

Caleb—my little snuggler. All my son wants is to laugh and to run and to explore! I promise to spend more time with him doing just that. We don’t need to do anything crazy with Caleb. We just need to play with some SnapChat filters or run outside to taste the snow.

It’s the little things that count with my little baby and I am going to give them to him in bulk whenever I’m not experiencing a migraine attack. 

thankful for family

And for my husband, I promise more quiet dinners. We are always running around trying to get to the next THING. Well, for all those nights that he just took over for the both of us, I promise to sit down and enjoy the quiet moments: The space between us. The conversations about nothing. Getting back to the basics—remembering where we began.

This man is my true rock. I don’t say it enough, I really don’t. I take him for granted if I am being honest with you. Bill is so used to my sensitivity during migraine attacks. If it rains, he just knows that I’m going to get sick. If I’m overly stressed, he knows that dinner isn’t going to happen and we will have to order in.

a thankful life

These are facts of life and he never says a peep. I cannot thank him enough for all the years of not complaining. This family appreciation message is not enough.

For allowing me to be who I am, as I am. There’s no greater reward in life than being with someone who loves you for who you truly are.

Thank You Message For Friends And Family

family appreciation
family appreciation message

And to my friends!!!  I promise to host more play dates for the kids. I’m often missing out on carpools due to my migraine attacks, but, thankfully, I have such generous women in my life. They always pick up the slack for me without a question. Now that I am feeling better, it’s my turn to drive the children around town!!


Will You Write A Thank You Message For Family Support?

Whether we decide to host a movie night at home, or whip out Clue and make it a board game night instead, we will do it together. My migraine attacks aren’t going to get in my way. February is all about acknowledging those you love and I can’t wait to do just that. No migraine attack can stand in the way of it!

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