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10 Backyard Water Games For Kids To Help Keep Them Entertained This Summer

These backyard water games for kids will be your lifesavers this summer. If you are looking to entertain the children during the warmer months, these aquatic games will keep them occupied, cool, and happy.

water games for kids

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My entire family loves to head out to the backyard and have a lazy afternoon. My husband and I set up whatever fun gadgets we have in our garage and place it all over our lawn. Then our littles spend hours creating creative games on their own.

I just love to watch what they come up with. Will it be dragons and warriors? Cops and robbers? Pokemon?! Who knows! The only thing that matters is that they are having fun and staying outdoors while the weather is nice.

In NY, we are used to long, hard winters. So, when the summer finally rolls around, we like to take advantage of our patios! Backyard water games for kids offer up loads of fun for everyone involved. Get the neighbors involved! The more the merrier!

backyard water games

What can you do outside with water?

All you really need is a hose and a little imagination. Let’s be honest! Do you need to buy anything else from my list below of water games for kids? Not really.

Growing up in Astoria, Queens… we used to play around water hydrants. And that isn’t a lie. Under the Triborough Bridge, they used to turn the hydrants on when it got really hot. My entire block would cross Hoyt Avenue and have HOURS of fun just running through the 50 mile per hour stream. That’s all kids really need. WATER!

But, as a parent, now that I have a backyard and some grass to call my own, I don’t mind shopping for some fun additions to pull out whenever the sun starts to shine! I found so many great options and I hope you feel the same way!

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summer game ideas for kids

How can I have fun in water without a pool?

We have a lot of pool game for kids ideas on the blog that I would love for you to check out. But guess what? Water games for kids do not need to involve a pool! That’s just not the case.

Don’t overthink it. If you want to buy a blowup pool for your backyard. You absolutely can! This summer, my husband and I are thinking about getting an inflatable hot tub! YES, I said it!. But you don’t NEED these things. You just need a few water guns, a slide, and maybe a sprinkler.

10 Backyard Water Games For Kids To Help Keep Them Entertained This Summer

Let’s get right to it – some summer essentials that I think your children will absolutely love!

Water Games For Kids

How do you make water fun?

Besides using these amazing tools, we also have a lot of fun doing watercolor painting in our backyard.

I would love to hear how you make water fun at home. Leave a comment below with your favorite backyard water games for kids! Would love to hear.


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