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40 Things To Do With Your Teenage Daughter – Great Ideas For Your Mother Daughter Day

Quality one-on-one time with individual children is key to making each little feel special – especially as they grow older. Here’s a list of 40 things to do with your teenage daughter in case you are looking for fun ways to reconnect with your special girl.

things to do with your teenage daughter

How do you spend quality time with your teenage daughter?

I love spending time with my children and now that Natalie isn’t a baby anymore, there are so many more things we can do together during our personal bonding time. With three kids, I make sure to take each out on their own and so something unique and private – just for the two of us. They all look forward to their outing and honestly, so do I!

spending time with teenagers

During those times away from home, I get to talk to them without any interruption. It’s just calmer! If you have multiple children – I think you understand what I mean. At home, it can get a bit chaotic. But when I head out with my teenage girl, we just relax like old friends. It’s just the best!!

how can I bond with my teenage daughter

40 Things To Do With Your Teenage Daughter

So, if you are looking for things to do with your teenage daughter, I wanted to offer up plenty of suggestions! This list includes a variety of free and paid options – something for everyone.

mother daughter day
  1. Go for a hike
  2. Head to the movies
  3. Get a mani / pedicure
  4. A day trip to the mall
  5. Volunteer together
  6. Go for a long drive
  7. Attend a concert
  8. Go to a book store and find a book to read together
  9. Window shopping in the city
  10. Get your hair done
  11. Take a yoga class
  12. Dine out together
  13. Hang out with her friends and their moms
  14. Take a cooking class together
  15. Go for a bike ride
  16. Plan a trip together
  17. Head to a coffee shop for a few hours
  18. Dealer’s choice – have your daughter pick anything she wants
  19. Go for a walk
  20. Go somewhere quiet and create a bucket list for the family
  21. Go and visit grandma
  22. Visit a farmer’s market
  23. Go to the library
  24. Go on a photography walk
  25. Have a picnic
  26. Head to the park
  27. Have a karaoke night
  28. Enroll in a painting class
  29. Go out for ice cream sundaes
  30. Head to the spa for a facial
  31. Take a dance class
  32. Go to a flea market
  33. Work on your family garden
  34. Go to a museum
  35. Take a self defense class
  36. Watch the sunset together
  37. Watch the sunrise together
  38. Teach them to coupon while grocery shopping
  39. Have a mother-daughter photo shoot
  40. Go to your nearest city and have a fun night out
spending time with your teenager

What should I do for my mother daughter day?

After reading this list, what will you do for your mother daughter day? There are so many options – it’s almost endless! The most important thing to remember is quality time will look different for every family. Just think about what is special to your little girl and do THAT.

Some children do not like getting their nails done. My daughter HATES getting pedicures. So, I would NEVER think to make my nail appointments with her because it would feel like a chore more than anything else. She is artistic and crafty. So, a great thing to do with my teenage girl would be a pottery class or a photography walk. That’s much more up her alley.

Customize the plan and mark it on your calendar. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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