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13 Wishes For My Daughter On Her Birthday – 13th Birthday Wishes

I have 13 wishes for my daughter on her birthday. In fact, these 13th birthday wishes are things that I hope come true more than anything else in life!

I can’t believe it. Natalie became an official teenager over the weekend. I am now a mother of a teenager? I am not so sure how I feel about THAT. LOL!

13th Birthday Wishes

13 Wishes For My Daughter On Her Birthday – 13th Birthday Wishes

Time has not been on my side for a few years now. No more diapers. No more strollers. No more glass jars of baby food. Ahhh – I’m not going to start with all of this.

I’ve already mourned the loss of my birthing years on this blog. No need to regurgitate those feelings again this early in the day. I’ve already done my makeup!! Please!

Instead, I’m going to focus on the future – the 13th birthday wishes – the hopes and dreams. All the things I pray my firstborn gets to experience now that she is turning into a woman.

Now that she is becoming more than what she was yesterday.

So, what do I wish for my daughter???? I have a few hopes and dreams that keep coming up. In fact, I have 13th birthday wishes that I want to share with you today.

13th Birthday Wishes For My Daughter On Her Special Day

(1) Don’t ever lose your sunshine. You are the beam of light that brightens a room of darkness. Keep that positivity with you – always.

(2) Don’t ever stop dancing, singing, drawing, crafting, playing, twirling, spinning. Tornado your way through this crazy world and do it with a smile.

(3) Continue to surround yourself with people who make you feel good about yourself. Continue to recognize how you feel when you leave someone. Did they steal your joy? Only spend time with people who bring you happiness.

(4) Explore the world. Never feel satiated. Every nook, corner, street, and beach cove has something waiting for you to see. Learn from it all. Meet the people. Hear their stories. Take me with you. You will always have a travel partner in me. Even if Dad doesn’t want to go. I will go to the ends of the Earth with you.

(5) Enjoy the quiet moments. The nothing moments. Learn this early on – not 30 years from now. The quiet moments are the whole reason for it all.

13 Wishes For My Daughter On Her 13th Birthday

(6) Keep God in your life. Even after you leave us. Even after you stop going to church with us as a family on Sunday because you’ve moved away. Continue that relationship on your own. We need him now more than ever. Don’t ever forget that and it doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing.

(7) It’s ok to be part of a crowd. It’s ok to want to do things on your own. It’s ok to be both things. It’s ok to not be either. Listen to your heart. Don’t let anyone define you.

13 wishes for my daughter

(8) Always remember, no matter what, you have a family that loves you. No questions asked. Nothing is too hard to hear. Remember this always. Nothing is ever too much for us to swallow. We are always here. Embed this into your brain. We will come for you no matter what. We will help you no matter what. You are our priority. Anything else is just minor details.

(9) Find love but first find it within. Don’t let the media teach yourself to hate yourself. Steer clear from that message. You are beautiful. You are perfect. You don’t need anything they are selling.

And if anything makes you feel less than… then stop watching. The media is designed to make you hate yourself. So you can spend money to “better” yourself. So you can buy their products. It’s all a game. The more we hate, doubt, loathe… the more likely we are to become desperate.

Don’t fall into this cycle that has been abusing women for a century. Stay away from the magazines and the Instagram models that are starving themselves to death, spending every last dollar they own and photoshopping their bodies to an inch of life. None of it is real. None. Of. It. Is. Real.

The only thing that is real is what is right in front of you. Things you can touch and feel. Find good people and enjoy them.

dreams for my daughter

(10) Develop a passion. Go after it. Fight for it. Dream about it. Let it consume you whole. Whatever it may be – love something and love it with all of your heart. Whether that’s an appreciation for art or baking. I really don’t care. But don’t let life pass you by. Learn something.

(11) Remember that family means everything. Your father is a wonderful example of this. I hope that I am too. Never forget us. Never get too caught up in your life that you don’t check in with us. We will always be your home. Always come home.

(12) Do good. And I don’t have to worry about this because I can see that this is already present in your heart, but give back. Do it often.

(13) Continue to grow. Continue to learn. Continue to dream. Continue to rise. Continue to smile. Continue to love. Continue to BE YOU. Forever and ever. My sunshine.

I hope you enjoyed my 13th birthday wishes blog post round up! Do you have any dreams that I didn’t hit for your little girl?

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