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11 Wishes For My Son On His 11th Birthday

I have 11 wishes for my son on his birthday and with good reason. Liam turned 11 yesterday and we had such a wonderful time celebrating as a family. We kept all the kids home from their camps because it’s summer and that’s what one does during days off from school.

Wishes For My Son On His birthday

Bill and I let the kids choose what they want to do on their birthdays. Limitless selections! An all-day affair! It started off with pasta and it ended with Polar Pizza. I think my boy had a pretty spectacular day.

These pictures are dark and grainy because it wasn’t about documenting the day for the blog. I was too busy loving on my children. I was too busy seeing my son for the young man he is becoming.

But I will share a few quick shots with you so you can see some of our fun either way. Excuse the low lighting –> 

After a huge and hearty lunch, Liam opted for fresh fruit as dessert. I mean… I actually questioned whether or not he was mine at this point. The other options on the menu? Homemade apple pie, brownie a la mode, tiramisu, Napolean cake, and more….

We shared fresh fruit.

I guess my skinny jeans thank him.

Then in TRUE Sweeney tradition, we headed to Dave and Busters for some gaming fun. We literally go here for every child! It IS super fun. 

We then went bowling and… I dominated. Naturally. LOL! Liam decided that wasn’t the right outcome for his birthday and swapped out all his low scores for 9s before we left. I thought that was pretty funny. He is my son after all.

Because we had SUCH a HUGE lunch, we skipped dinner and instead went straight for the cake. Liam actually LOVES the Polar Pizza from Dunkin Donuts. So, we picked him up one and filled it with candles. A fun celebration indeed!

Now, onto my wishes!!!

11 Wishes For My Son On His 11th Birthday

  1. May he always remain curious.
  2. May he always remain kind.
  3. May he always remember that I am his mother – someone who will always be there for him – even when he doesn’t need me anymore. {sobbing sobbing sobbing}
  4. Liam’s getting older now. I wish that he holds onto his youth for as long as he can. I don’t want him to grow up before his time.
  5. I hope he continues to pursue his passions and not worry about what everyone else is doing.
  6. I hope he continues to surround himself with great friends.
  7. May he remember that his brother is his best friend and that he should stick up for Caleb above all else. To recognize that will be his job for the rest of his life.
  8. I hope my son sees true love when he looks at me and my husband.
  9. I hope that he has a fantastic first year in middle school.
  10. I pray Liam grows closer to God with each passing day. That he sees our time in church as something other than a requirement.
  11. I hope Liam lives life freely -from this day forward – for the rest of his life.

Happy birthday, Liam! I love you to the moon and back.


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