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10 Things To Remember About Your Daughter’s Dance Recital

Your daughter’s dance recital is one of the most important nights of her life. While it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the logistics, cost, and 3 minutes of airtime, we have to remember to keep our eye on the prize – the joy our children feel.

10 Things To Remember About Your Daughter's Dance Recital

10 Things To Remember About Your Daughter’s Dance Recital

My daughter is in four dance classes and my child absolutely loves it. Whenever she can, she is spinning and singing. We live for dance.

If you are just getting started, here are a few tips to help you through the chaos, because it does get a little crazy.

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Buy the extra tights

dance tights

Your child will rip, lose, or forget her dance tights – over and over again. Do yourself a favor and get about 3 extra pairs right now. On recital night, pack her an extra pair because you never know!

The girls will wear makeup

There will be children on stage with makeup and your daughter will want to wear some. You don’t have to put a ton on her face, but you should consider putting lipstick and blush on so she doesn’t feel left out.

You should get her ready ahead of time at home. You can send her in with some touch-up makeup. The stage moms will help them if need be.

Learn how to do a hair bun

Hair Bun Maker

Most studios require a clean hairstyle because all that jumping and flipping and flopping is chaotic enough without hair flying in everyone’s eyes.

This was like rocket science to me. I ended up buying one of those hair bun makers and use it every single recital. It saves me a load of time and keeps your bun FIRM.

Bobby pins are your friends

Another dance mom tip – bobby pins. Put more in your child’s hair than you own. They will become your best friends.

Buy them. Hoard them. Love them. Thank them at night for their existence.

Maybe your daughter doesn’t have thick, thick, thick, (did I mention thick?) hair like my daughter… then this isn’t an issue for you. But for all you Italians out there… this one is for you! 

Get the flowers. I know it’s expensive

Flowers at a dance recital

I know it’s silly. I know you are sitting there thinking that you’ve already spent an arm and a leg on the costumes and the tickets and the classes and everything else in between… but get your daughter the darn flower bouquet. It will light up her LIFE.

It doesn’t mean anything in the long run, but in that very moment, she will feel like a queen and that girl deserves it. You can usually order them ahead of time through your dance company or you can head to your local supermarket and spend less.

The shows are super long for young kids

You have to remember that if you have little children, you need to prepare for this. Bring lots of snacks, a blanket for them to nap. Some years, I just left my third child at HOME. Our recitals are about 4 HOURS long… and we all know that MOM has to deal with the fussy baby.

If you have the fussy baby, take them outside

Let’s do a courtesy check here – if you end up having the fussy baby in the audience, please get up and out of your seat and leave. There are people who have been waiting for three hours to watch their kid for 2 minutes and now your child is crying like crazy. It’s almost too much to handle.

Just get up and walk out for a minute – it’s the nice thing to do.

10 Things To Remember About Your Daughter's Dance Recital

Watch your kids rehearse for as much as they want before the show

It’s scary up there! If you knew my daughter in real life, you would know that she is actually a social butterfly. She is outgoing and friendly and not afraid to talk to anyone.

But I can see it in her when she gets on stage. She loses herself a bit. That smile gets lost and instead, she finds herself worrying about what is expected of her instead of just having fun. That is doubt.

So, let them rehearse. Be there for them. Smile and drop everything.

Buy the pictures / DVD

dancer with flowers

Your iPhone camera is going to stink. Unless you get front row seats, those large auditoriums do not play nice with phones.

Grainy and low light = disaster. No memories will get documents. Just get the DVD and watch it a million times over with ease. 

Remember, dance recitals are long and expensive and crazy and hot and have I mentioned long?

But your daughter LOVES to do what she does. And she will be grown and gone before you know it.

So, remember that. See her for who she STILL IS -your baby. Dancing her heart out on the stage. Loving life. Feeling the music. Sharing her energy.

Giving herself over to something truly magical. And while it might be easier on your back to be home and on the couch, nothing feels as good as watching your little girl shine.

So, don’t blink. Soak her all in. And be sure to get your tickets nice and early for next year’s recital. I’m sure that show will be fantastic.


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