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Bunny Makeup Tutorials And Inspirational Ideas For Adults And Kids

Looking for a few great bunny makeup tutorials now that Easter is right around the corner? Of course, these work for Halloween as well. Either way, if you take your time and follow the beauty instructions below, you will be hopping around in no time. 

Bunny Makeup

Whether you are an adult that has a great party that you need to attend or have a child that absolutely adores these furry little creates, these three makeup artists will show you how you can easily apply whiskers, a nose, and everything in between.

Don’t start worrying about the difficulty level because I found three different styles. Watch these bunny makeup videos and follow along. To be honest with you, there is one woman who simply blows me away.

Bunny Makeup Tutorial

I might show her tutorial to my 13-year-old daughter because she would have a lot of fun attempting to replicate her look. I think I know – in this very moment- that I am unable to do that same style. Absolutely mesmerized, right?!

So, check out these three wonderful makeup mavens I found on YouTube. Be sure to read my description below so you can get a feel of what you can expect.  This post contains affiliate links.

Bunny Halloween Makeup Tutorial –  Simple & Easy

Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in White

In this video, I feel like the only makeup that I need to call out is the Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in White. You will see her whiten her cheeks to accentuate the fact that she is creating a bunny look.

All the other items that she uses are pretty standard. I feel like you can just pull from what you have at home. However, if you want the SAME PINK on her nose, she calls out the “Coastal Sense Smokey Palette”.

Bunny Makeup Tutorial

This video is the most advanced out of the three. I really love the way this woman chooses to work… EVERYTHING. Even her eyebrows are SUPER COOL. I mean, I wasn’t expecting it. Beyond mesmerized.

Those bunny whiskers were some of the best that I found on YouTube and I also feel like her tutorial is pretty easy to follow it. PLEASE WATCH THIS ONE. It would be a perfect Easter look or a Halloween costume addition.

I was able to pull some of the makeup items that she uses. Here are the direct links for purchase:

Cute And Simple Bunny Makeup idea

Another great way to work your bunny makeup! I feel like I can literally do this without an issue. Don’t forget to pick up your bunny ears! They make the entire look!

Don’t you just love how everyone has little pink bunny noses? Feels absolutely doable. Another thing that I noticed is that all three of these makeup artists have amazing eyelashes. If you are looking for false eyelashes that are long and full, try this pair.

What do you think? Do you feel more equipped with Easter makeup ideas? Are you ready to give the bunny look a chance? Post a picture online and tag me if you do! And make sure to follow all of these leading ladies on YouTube. They are rockstars!

UPDATE: My daughter and I played around with each of these tutorials and were able to really get a great looking bunny thanks to these wonderful makeup artists. Thank goodness for YouTube! Such creativity!

Take your time and really follow along slowly. You have the ability to pause as you need and rewind. So, don’t ever feel overwhelmed. We rewound and paused and reworked a thousand times and I am telling you – our bunny makeup design came out AWESOME! 

Bunny Makeup For Babies

If you are specifically looking to create a bunny makeup for babies look, I have you covered. This sweet pea design is easy to replicate and is perfect for either Halloween, a class pageant, or Easter. It really all comes down to the nose, cheeks, and lips. But as you can see, this mom did something special with her makeup design. 

She worked a little magic around the forehead region making it look like her daughter had a little fur on her face and I just love it! It really takes this design up a few notches, right?

Which bunny makeup design do you like best? Would love to hear!  Odds are you could probably use the makeup you have at home. You will just need to buy items to help you create the WHITE features. So, this is an affordable option for sure. 

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