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50 Simple Pleasures In Life To Help Brighten Your Mood

There are so many simple pleasures in life to help brighten your mood and they are literally all around you! You might not even realize the opportunities because we are so over-scheduled, overbooked, and overdosed with information from the media.

simple pleasures in life

By writing this post, I hope to remind you about all that you have around you – the simple pleasures in your life. You don’t have to spend a tremendous amount of money (or any money) to find joy. Little pleasures in life are everywhere you look.

What are some simple things?

I will go into full detail in a minute about items/experiences you can seek out on a regular basis, but consider moments with your family, nature, and things that bring you comfort.

You might want to sit down and make a personal list. I have a daily self care checklist that you can use to get your brain going if you don’t know where to start. The below suggestions will be a great start, but only you will truly know what simple things in life will spark joy.

What are the simple things in life that make you happy?

50 things to enjoy today

Without further adieu, here are 50 simple pleasure in life to help brighten your mood. Most of these suggestions are free and can be found in your day to day life.

Others are seasonal – like snowfall or beach references. Take what you can – when you can! I hope this inspiration puts you on the right path towards self love and self care.

50 Simples Pleasures In Life To Brighten Your Mood

  1. Newly fallen snow
  2. A clean room
  3. The sunrise
  4. Your favorite book
  5. Sleeping in on new sheets
  6. Listening to the ocean
  7. Your favorite song
  8. A long, hot shower
  9. The smell of cookies right out of the oven
  10. Your favorite drink
  11. Watching your children play with one another – family bonding
  12. That first sip of coffee
  13. Hearing a compliment from a friend
  14. Resting on someone you love
  15. Quiet time
  16. Getting a massage or a manicure
  17. Allowing yourself to do absolutely nothing for just a moment
  18. Being in agreement with your peers
  19. Having time for a nap
  20. The smell of popcorn while sitting in a movie theater
  21. Feeling the sand between your toes
  22. The tastes of chocolate and fine wine… together
  23. Having absolutely nothing to do
  24. A stormy night
  25. No deadlines
  26. The smell of fresh laundry
  27. The taste of something decadent
  28. Meeting up with old friends
  29. When your favorite song comes on the radio
  30. Sleeping in on the weekends
  31. Sitting in the backyard of your house listening to your favorite music
  32. Waking up to no dishes in the sink
  33. Having a swim at night with friends
  34. A long, hard, hug from your child
  35. A social media freeze
  36. That feeling you have after a great workout
  37. A loving gaze from your significant other
  38. Walking on the beach in the winter without a crowd
  39. The feeling of a warm, summer breeze
  40. When your number is called as you wait in line
  41. A great stretch
  42. Having a hearty laugh with friends
  43. Emptying out your inbox
  44. Paying a bill and having the money to do it
  45. When your pet comes over and cuddles with you
  46. Watching the sunrise
  47. Enjoying a home-cooked meal
  48. Curling up on the couch with a weighted blanket
  49. Christmas morning
  50. Checking off things from your to-do list
things that make you smile

What are the greatest pleasures in life?

The greatest pleasures in life are the ones that bring an individual joy. This means that we will have different answers across the board. You might find simple pleasures in life through a sunrise while I might find pure joy from my son’s laughter. Two very different answers but they both provide the same result – happiness.

How can I get pleasure in life?

This is such a great question! Some people believe they don’t deserve pleasure in life! They believe they aren’t worthy of joy. In order to receive pleasure, you have to think that you are WORTHY OF IT.

This all begins in your heart and your mind. So, start from within. Seek these simple pleasures in life because you have earned them.

What are 5 things that make you happy?

It’s time to turn the tables and ask you a personal question. Can you name 5 things that make you happy? Right now? Can you define 5 things that make you happy? If you had to start your own list – what would it look like?

What do you think about these simple pleasures in life? Do they spark joy for you? Would love to hear!


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