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The Restless Mind And How To Get It To Sleep

Do you have a restless mind? Are you someone who has trouble falling asleep because you mind is constantly spinning with ideas? Welcome to the club.

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If you are someone who is looking for information on how to sleep better, this post will outline easy tips for you to implement as soon as you are ready. I’m someone that has struggled with quieting the mind for most of my life. So, I understand the struggle. 

However, once I hit 40, I realized that I no longer had the stamina to just pull through the day and still make it out alive on the other end. With three kids, a full-time job, and all the weight of the world on my shoulders, something had to give. 

The Restless Mind And How To Get It To Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep directly impacts your physical and mental health. Adults are said to need around 9 hours of sleep per night but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that most adults don’t get nearly that much sleep each night. A restless mind is typically the culprit behind the lack of sleep.

So, how does someone figure out how to sleep better? How can we achieve a great night filled with the right kind of rest? Practice, routine, and a little elbow grease.

When you actually try to slow your mind down… it feels impossible, right? Especially when you are just laying there in the dark. The restless mind will always win. A racing mind is a person’s worst nightmare.

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Why does my mind feel restless?

The body and the mind can turn into our biggest enemies if we don’t figure out how to take control of the two. That’s why it’s important to incorporate these tips into your routine today.

Your mind feels restless because you probably have anxiety. Anxious people cannot let go of responsibilities. Plain and simple. When you are trying to rest, odds are you thinking about what has to be done for work tomorrow or what you didn’t get done today. Better yet, you might even be thinking about something that happened ten years ago or what might happened 6 months from now. Our restless minds don’t care about the concept of time.

Racing thoughts happen to the best of us, but we will walk through some tips to help you sleep better. Implement as many as you can to help you enjoy better sleep more often.

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Get In A sleep Routine

How do you sleep with a restless mind? Get into a Routine

You probably have some sort of bedtime routine for your kids, but did you know that having a routine for yourself actually works?! Yes, it’s true.

If you want to sleep better then it’s time to get yourself into a regular bedtime routine where you do the same things every night before bed and lay down to sleep at the same time every night.

Get Rid Of The Electronics

Electronics can keep your mind thinking about the day or other random tidbits of information. This is why it’s important that you get rid of the electronics at least an hour or so before bed.

This will help keep your mind from thinking about the random news article you just read or those new shoes your friend just picked up.

Dark Mode on Electronics if you Use Them

If you simply can’t give up the electronics then at least compromise with yourself by setting them on dark mode. This will help keep the light from making you feel more awake and won’t stimulate the restless mind.

The fewer lights you have on when it comes time for sleep, the more likely you are to fall asleep quicker and sleep better. Many updated devices have a dark mode option and if they don’t, some websites have an option on their app to set them to dark mode.

How do you calm a restless mind?

starbucks tea has caffeine which keeps you awake

Drink No Caffeine After Lunch

I promise I’m not trying to ruin your day, but in all seriousness, if you truly want to sleep better then cut out that caffeine after lunchtime. Caffeine keeps many people awake unless you’re one of those lucky people where caffeine doesn’t impact you. 

Try to opt for decaffeinated and non-sugary drink options once lunchtime hits so that you won’t be all hyper once bedtime arrives. I must confess – this is the hardest one for me to manage. But I know that it will benefit my restless mind – so I DEAL with IT.

Read a Book

There’s nothing better than curling up with a good book. If you’re someone who enjoys reading but has found that you simply don’t make the time to read, then this part of my plan to get you to sleep better will make you happy.

Grab some books and keep them on your nightstand so that you curl up to read a book before you drift off to sleep each night. This will help take your mind off of everyday issues and stressors. If you are truly looking for ways to wind down, a book will stop a restless mind from wandering off into random thought.

Take a Bath

The warm bath water will help relax your tight muscles and your wandering mind. Having a bath shortly before bed is the perfect way to encourage your body to sleep better and will quiet that restless mind.

essential oils in a bath

Not only does the warm water help relax sore muscles so you can lay down feeling more physically relaxed, but it’s common knowledge that taking a nice bubble bath can easily relax your restless thoughts before bed. When I take a bath, I usually use essential oils and it truly does wonders.

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How do I empty my mind? Meditate

Looking for ways to sleep better? Whether you opt for an app to help with self-guided meditation or you simply know how to meditate and want to do so on your own, meditation is extremely relaxing.

Meditation involves deep breathing, being aware of only the present moment and taking in all of those sounds, smells, and scenery around you.


Meditation is something that encourages mindfulness, which has been proven to relax both your mind and body so that you can sleep better. If you are curious about an app to help you get started, check out Headspace. I met the founder and he was fascinating. 

Why can’t I stop thinking?

Even after trying all of these ideas, if you STILL cannot stop your restless mind, then I suggest keeping a pen and pad by your bed stand. This way, you can jot everything down that is worrying you and get it out of your system.

Your anxiety might be too overwhelming for your body right now. Perhaps there is just a lot going on in your life and a simple dark room and bubble bath won’t do. RELEASE the worries onto a pad – physically get all of your thoughts out of your system.

I am a huge list maker and that truly calms my anxiety. If you find your head spinning at night, try this tactic. It just might work for you.

Is restlessness a sign of anxiety?

As noted above, yes. Restlessness is a sign of anxiety. There is just too much you are carrying right now. A restless mind means you feel overwhelmed. Can you lean on other family members to take some of the load from your plate? That might help as well.

tips to calm the restless mind

Calm Your Restless Mind With These Sleep Tips

I hope you consider using these sleep tips to help calm your restless mind. I would love to know if any of these ideas work to help you get a better night’s sleep on a regular basis. 

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