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Headspace Meditation App Helps Calm The Mind, Body, And Soul Plus 40% Off Code

The summer is here and I will openly admit that for a Type A personality, that is the most stressful time of the year. As a mom of three, I just can’t handle the flexibility of it all. There – I said it.

Headspace Meditation App

I am a woman who likes structure and balance. I like a calendar that lets me know what is happening and where I have to be. The summer doesn’t offer much of that and moms around the country agree.

A recent survey from MomTrends Media revealed that 40% of parents identified summer as their most stressful season as well. My people! Well, I just learned about the Headspace Meditation App and it seems like it all happened at the right time.

Headspace Meditation App Helps Calm The Mind, Body, And Soul Plus 40% Off Code

BONUS: 40% off HeadSpace Meditation App

We live in a society that pushes and pulls us in every direction. I have felt these strings wrap around my body a lot tighter this past year. Perhaps it’s because – as I age – I’m starting to recognize what’s truly important and what’s nothing but fluff. Time is valuable.

In fact, it’s our one true asset. I have come to the understanding that it’s the only currency that really matters. I can’t offer the best parts of myself when I have time to give to my friends, family, and colleagues if my head is somewhere else when we are together.

I need to learn how to stay more focused and remain constantly centered. Ha. Easier said than done.

Headspace Meditation App Holds NYC Event

But it can be done. You just have to quiet the little voices in your head. Well, not all of them. Not this guy’s voice. I had the pleasure of attending a Headspace event in NYC last week and met up with Co-Founder Andy Puddicombe – the voice from the Headspace Meditation App. Yes – THAT GUY.

Hearing his backstory and learning about the science behind the method was truly inspirational and eye-opening. Not third-eye opening. Just regular eye-opening! I’m not quite there yet. But I’ve started the journey and that’s all that matters.

I consider myself very in-tune with my feelings and my emotions. I believe in both the old ways and the new ways. I’m open to trying out just about anything because it’s the only way to grow and learn. I live a life of passion and try to explore new adventures as much as I can.

But sometimes… I get in my own way. Can you relate?

Meditation has always been one of those things that I never thought I could conquer and with good reason. My mind is like a spinning firecracker. 

I hope that visual was confusing enough. I hope you felt heat and confusion, turmoil and strife. I hope you didn’t know where to look and was unclear about when it would all stop. That’s how I think.

When I was first diagnosed with migraines, I had to go do a slew of tests on my brain to make sure I didn’t have any tumors. They did scans and tested my brainwaves – it was lots of fun.

I was told that I “presented like someone who had adult ADD”. Well, it made complete sense. Every year of school that I struggled. Every list that I had to make to stay on track. All those years of feeling out of control – in one moment – was buttoned up and tied in a bow.

How on Earth could I ever practice meditation?

But it’s possible with the Headspace Meditation App.

I want to show you the exact moment before we started to meditate and I am SO GLAD that the photographer took this picture. Like… BEYOND THRILLED. The universe was on my side on this day. There I was – in the middle of a selfie. I wasn’t sold yet at this point.

Headspace Meditation App Holds NYC Event

I had heard the app in passing during the week prior to attending because I wanted to get an understanding of how it FUNCTIONED so I could be prepared to talk about it when questioned. But I wasn’t SOLD on the practice … because I didn’t believe I was someone who was physically/mentally capable of calming her mind.

Selfies. Do you see me? Not in meditation mode at all.

Headspace Meditation App Holds NYC Event

After Andy Puddicombe led the meditation session – which was literally 3 minutes long – I understood. I understood that meditation was for everyone. It was for children and parents. It was for athletes and chefs. It was for people who had just suffered a loss or for someone who was about to go on stage and give the performance of a lifetime.

Meditation was simple. It was centering. It was coming together. It was taking all the pieces of me that were flailing out of control on a regular basis and it was putting me back together.

It was allowing me to see myself – even for just three minutes. It was enabling me to escape the world and come back to center – not in a desperate/fearful/negative kind of way.

But in a reborn /refresh / restart kind of way. And that was only after one REAL try. YEOW! Imagine after a month???

My shoulders hurt when it was all over. Isn’t that strange? I recognized that. It was because I am usually so tense – I walk around so WOUND UP AND TIGHT and after meditating, I let it go and my muscles hurt a bit from that release.

That only happens after a massage (or after a night of drinking). I was very aware of that sensation and I took note of that.

Headspace Meditation App Holds NYC Event

I know that meditation will absolutely remain part of my life and I also know that I won’t be able to do it without the Headspace Meditation App. That’s not even a joke. I am not “there” yet where I can just sit down and do it on my own. I need to be guided through this all.

I need to be told when to breathe and to relax and to listen for sounds and when to clear my head. I need help right now and I’m not sure if I ever want to go it alone. Maybe I will… maybe I won’t. None of that matters today.

Today, I just know that I am enjoying the Basic level and I am enjoying the journey and I am thankful for the process and for the awakening. The Headspace Meditation App is officially part of my life.

Headspace Meditation App Holds NYC Event

40% Off Code – Headspace Meditation App

If you want to give the Headspace Meditation App a try, I have a 40% off code for you to use! I really hope you consider downloading the app and getting a subscription. This is something that everyone needs to do. TRULY!  You can just click on this link or use LADYANDTHEBLOG as the voucher code. The offer is good only until July 4th, 2018.

Do you meditate on a regular basis? What impact do you think it has on your mind, body, and soul? Would love to hear.

In paid partnership with Headspace Meditation App.

Shannon Gurnee

Thursday 14th of June 2018

I hadn't heard of this app before, but it sounds like a really good one! I would love to give it a try! Thanks for sharing.

Denise C

Thursday 14th of June 2018

I've never tried meditation, but I definitely need to relax and clear my head. Guidance would be absolutely necessary since my mind is so cluttered these days.


Thursday 14th of June 2018

Hey girlie times like this I wish I was in NYC right now. I would of love to attended this headspace app event because I am super into meditation its apart of my holistic lifestyle!

Melissa Chapman

Wednesday 13th of June 2018

I don't give myself enough time to clear my mind and meditate. I do go to the gym but I am always thinking and sometimes using my phone during the workout. I would like to try this App for a real break once in a while.

Sarah Bailey

Wednesday 13th of June 2018

This sounds like a really interesting app - I have to admit I could often do with something that helps me calm and relax a little. I'll have to check it out.

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