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10 Self Care Tips For Mom To Help Bring Back Your Sanity

I’m hoping these self care tips for mom make their way around the world. With new information citing that moms work what is equivalent to two full-time jobs, it’s about time we started taking better care of ourselves. No matter what time of the year it is, moms really deserve some downtime and self care.

Self Care Tips For Mom

That’s why I’m going to share some self care tips for mom today. These ideas will work for any woman who’s been doing far too much and needs to cut themselves some slack.

10 Self Care Tips For Mom

Take a Break

Do you ever feel like screaming, I need a break? I know what you’re thinking, how in the world are you going to fit in a break?

I mean you’re already working the equivalent of two full-time jobs. Well, I’m here to say that you can take a break. There’s nothing wrong with admitting that you need some self care time.

Step away from it all, put the work down, tell the kids to take a hike, and simply do nothing for a little while. This can be ten minutes, half an hour, or if you’re a super lucky mom with a partner who can take the reins for a bit, why not take a full day break?!

Stop Being the Hero

Listen, moms, I know that you do a lot around the house and it’s been said time and time again that mom is the glue that holds the house together, but you really don’t have to be a superhero. It’s perfectly acceptable to slow down and embrace the fact that you need to pause for a minute.

Life is far too short to sweat the small stuff. Put your superhero cape down and let some of your family members, the kids included, figure out their own solutions for a change. This self care tip for mom is a critical one. 

Realize When You Need Help

We all need help from time to time. This doesn’t make us weak at all. The fact that you can realize when you need help and ask for it, is actually a strength. It’s important for moms to feel okay with asking for help.

Whether you start delegating tasks to other household members, ask for help from friends and extended family, or simply stop doing everything and let it be known that you can’t do it all anymore. Realizing that you need help is one step towards feeling healthier and happier as a mom.

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Water Your Own Lawn

Forget about the Jones

You don’t need a fancy car, outfit or the best of the best shoes to be happy. Come on Mom, you know what it takes to be happy. A home with kids that are fed, a roof over their heads, and a stable income of some sort are the basic necessities.

There’s no reason why you need to compete with other moms and families. What works for another mom may not work for you, and you don’t have to go broke or try to fit in or set a standard that you can showcase on social media to keep up with the Jones. Out of all these self care tips for mom, I would say that this is the easiest one to forget! 

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Realize self care isn’t About the Manicure

While it may be fun to go on a spa day or get a manicure, realize that self care isn’t about spoiling your nails for a day. Self care for mom is all about taking a break from the everyday hustle and bustle of life to sit down and relax doing something you enjoy.

If you enjoy getting a manicure done, then, by all means, make that appointment. Figure out how to fit in this spa-like treatment whenever you’re feeling like life is crashing down on you and you simply need to step away for a moment.

This manicure appointment will help you more than just having fancy nails to show off, I promise you.

Get Enough Rest

I know. I know. Getting enough rest seems crazy to say, but it’s true. Getting enough rest can help you overcome any challenges and stress that heads your way. Start setting yourself up with a stable bedtime routine and wake up routine. This will help you get enough sleep and adjust your body to having a routine that will eventually help you maintain good mental health.

Self Care Tips For Mom

Understand what “good enough” Means and Be Okay With It

Far too often moms stretch themselves so thin that they forget what it’s like to be okay with “good enough.” Over time we compare our life with others on Facebook and tend to compete without realizing it.

How can that moms home look so beautiful when she’s so busy? How can that mom get the laundry washed and folded all in the same day?!

Moms I am here to tell you that you need to learn that your version of “good enough” by getting what you can get done is absolutely okay.

Lean On Friends

Lean on your Friends

While you never want to be that one friend who’s always leaning on their friends, it’s okay to lean on them once in a while. Just make sure you’re there for them during their time of need too.

Mom friends are the best sort of friends when it comes to self care because they can relate and understand how you feel. This means your circle of friends will be more than willing to listen, understand and help guide you back to a positive mental state.

mom has a hobby

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Remember you had Hobbies at One Point in your Life

Remember those hobbies you had before kids? Yeah. Those things. Get back in touch with some of your favorite hobbies that made you happy before you were given the title of mom.

These hobbies may be just what your life is missing. Try getting back to basics with some of your favorite old school hobbies as a means to take a break and practice some self care to keep yourself sane.

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Honor Your Body

Honor your Body

Last, but not least, if you truly need some self care tips for mom, honoring your body is a big one. Learn to embrace your body as it is now, after giving birth and not exercising and quite possibly munching down on the food you shouldn’t have been eating. Embrace the beauty of who you are and that includes your body.

Try to take a hot bath and soak up those bubbles with a moisturizing bath bomb. Go out for a walk on a nice day. Do something that honors your body by making some changes to get healthier all the while loving who you are in this very moment.

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white sandy beach in Panama City - quartz sand

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How Do I Start A Self Care Routine?

You just start. You recognize that you matter and you take small steps every single day to honor that notion. Starting a self care routine doesn’t have to feel daunting. You don’t have to rush full speed ahead and change your entire life overnight.

You just have to become aware – aware of your feelings, your energy level, your emotions, your surroundings. Then, you have to respond to it all. 

Benefits Of Self Care

What Are The Benefits Of Self Care?

There are so many benefits of self care. Seriously, burn out is a real thing for moms. We carry too much. We wear too many hats. We are expected to be too many things to too many people. When you practice self care, it almost acts as a reset. A way to start over. A complete destresser! The benefits are limitless!

You can clear your mind, ease your worries, have the energy to tackle your to-do (again). You can become present again for your family. You will find yourself again. It’s so easy to get lost in this world. The main benefit of self care is self-maintenance of the mind. 

These are just 10 self care tips for mom that anyone can do. Making sure you put yourself first from time to time isn’t going to ruin your family. In fact, taking time for self care will help your family be healthier and happier because we all know that when mom is happy, everyone is happy!

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