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10 Ways You Aren’t Taking Care Of Yourself

I had a big discussion with friends on Facebook yesterday about self-care and the importance of keeping up with it. I know it can be hard to do, especially for parents.

10 Ways You Aren't Taking Care Of Yourself

At first, I was going to write “working parents”, but all parents are working…. am I right? If it’s not one thing, it’s another. Whether it’s a board meeting or a school meeting – it’s all time consuming and it always comes first. You need to take care of yourself… because if you don’t, then who will?

10 Ways You Aren’t Taking Care Of Yourself

Yesterday, I spent an insane amount of time at the hair salon. I needed to do major changes to my hair. I tried to go darker a few months ago and ended up not liking it at all.

I patiently waited for my roots to grow out and made the mother of all appointments to completely revamp my look knowing that it would take almost half of my workday. It wasn’t relaxing. It was necessary.

And yes, I do put this under the category of self-care because I really didn’t like the way I looked prior to this change. I lost some of my self-confidence.

We all know how connected women are to their hair. It very much mattered and was affecting my mood. So, I did something about it. But before acting, I had to make a conscious decision to do so. I had to give up 4+ hours worth of my day – time spent usually pitching brands or writing – and, instead, focus on me. And you know what? I am so happy for it.

So, if you are someone that needs a little reminder, here are ten things you probably aren’t doing right now.

10 Ways You Aren't Taking Care Of Yourself

10 Ways You Aren’t Taking Care Of Yourself

  1. You aren’t drinking enough water.
  2. You aren’t getting enough sleep.
  3. You aren’t making time to see your friends during the week.
  4. You aren’t indulging in your favorite hobbies.
  5. You aren’t taking hot, bubble baths or long showers because you are too worried about your to-do list.
  6. You aren’t keeping up with a beauty routine.
  7. You aren’t working out.
  8. You aren’t getting off of social media and unplugging from the online world.
  9. You aren’t saying “no” enough.
  10. You aren’t remembering who you were before you had children.

How did you do? Out of these 10 line items, how many can you say you are guilty of? Would love to hear!

And just to follow up, how are you going to change that? What are you going to do this week? What are you going to schedule? It’s all about you in 2018 and that is not a selfish thing to say. Don’t ever forget it.

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