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    40 Things You Need To Hear If You Are A Struggling Mom

    To the struggling mom out there… I have a little something for you. To the reader who has a friend that is at her wit’s end and is looking for what to say to a struggling new mom… I have a little something for you. To the woman who is crying in secret, know that I have been you. I see you. I empathize with your current state. Last year wasn’t so kind to me. I can say that now because I feel like I am in better control of my mental state. But while I was drowning, I was walking around in the dark and lashing out at anyone who got in my way. I understand that emotion – that fear – that frustration – that exhaustion. So, I woke up today thinking about friends who still might be searching for some light and how I might be able to do my part to ease their pain. 

    40 Things You Need To Hear If You Are A Struggling Mom

    I just wanted to write this post to tell you that you are not alone. That’s first and foremost. I think it’s important to remember that. With social media, the world seems so very perfect these days. Filtered and fabulous. How exhausting! I confess, I season that pot every now and then -, especially on Instagram. But on my blog, I really try my hardest to keep a private diary going as an attempt to still show you the real side of my life. It isn’t all rose-colored glass, but I don’t need to tell you that if you are reading this post, do I? 

    In case you need a friend, I wanted to write down this list for all struggling moms. Struggling moms deserve a hug in REAL LIFE, but I’m not sitting beside you. So, consider this a virtual warm bear hug from my side of the pond to yours. This is what I want to say to a struggling mom – all 40 of these ideas. I needed to hear them in my time of need and now I want to say them to you. 

    Words Of Comfort For A Struggling Mom

    1. Your children know that you love them
    2. You are forgiven. 
    3. You are doing the best that you can.
    4. Tomorrow is a new day. 
    5. We carry too much of the load. 
    6. Tomorrow is a great day to start over. 
    7. Self-care is not a selfish thing. 
    8. Self-care doesn’t look like a manicure. Self-care means taking care of your mind, body, and soul. Practice self-care.  
    9. Everyone makes mistakes. 40 Things You Need To Hear If You Are A Struggling Mom
    10. Other moms are in the same exact boat as you. 
    11. You are doing better than you think.
    12. Moms do it all. And that’s a big role to fill. 
    13. You are too hard on yourself. 
    14. Life is hard. 
    15. Your children need you. Even if they are always fighting you. 
    16. You have to understand that motherhood isn’t easy. 
    17. We expect too much of ourselves. 
    18. You are not failing. 
    19. You are not failing. 
    20. You are not failing.
    21. We have to give ourselves a break. 
    22. Sometimes it’s ok to phone it in. 
    23. We need to step back and just give other people a chance to step in from time to time. 
    24. Nobody can do what you do. We understand that. 40 Things You Need To Hear If You Are A Struggling Mom
    25. You need your friends. Don’t abandon them. 
    26. This too shall pass. 
    27. You are a great mom. 
    28. Pasta with butter is still dinner. Come at me. 
    29. You are doing wonderful things for your family. 
    30. You are amazing. 
    31. Children try their best. Even when it doesn’t always seem it. 
    32. A messy house does not represent who you are as a person. It is just a messy house. 
    33. You are a goddess. 
    34. You need your rest. Don’t neglect yourself. 
    35. Learn how to breathe.
    36. Learn how to rest.
    37. Learn how to forgive.
    38. Learn how to see the joys you were given. 
    39. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. That doesn’t mean that you are failing. 40 Things You Need To Hear If You Are A Struggling Mom
    40. You aren’t struggling. You are just mothering. Everyone is living this same life. We are all a struggling mom. 

    What do you think about my mom encouragement post? Do you have anything that you’d like to add for the struggling mom? I would love to hear what you have to say! Keeping in mind with this attitude, here are a few more posts that I think you will like to read:

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