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Top Guilty Pleasures List – 60 Things We Refuse To Give Up

This guilty pleasures list contains everything that has been giving me life over the last few weeks. These guilty pleasure examples are the type of experiences that put a smile on someone’s face during a time of need. You know, when you need a boost of joy! We might not admit them all – but most have done some or all of these in secret.

guilty pleasures list

How many of these guilty pleasures examples have you done during the last few months?

What are examples of guilty pleasures?

Before we get into the full and complete list, I want to explain the thought process behind the grouping. Think about how you feel when you eat a whole pint of ice cream. You know that you shouldn’t do it. You know that it’s not something that you do often, but when you do … you feel a little bit naughty and absolutely excited.

examples of guilty pleasures

It’s a bad thing… and a gift all at the same time. You know you won’t over indulge on a regular basis. So, when you do, you savor every single second of the experience.

Does it have to relate to food intake? Absolutely not! For me, a guilty pleasure example could be eating an entire bag of Doritos, but for you… it could be keeping up with the Kardashians! Everyone’s world turns differently!

Unlike simple pleasures in life, indulging in these examples of guilty pleasures happen infrequently. That’s what make them special. All of these things will cheer you up though!

examples of guilty pleasures

Top Guilty Pleasures List – 60 Things We Refuse To Give Up

So, let’s break down this guilty pleasures list and walk through 60 things most people just refuse to give us. These are habits or treats that bring us too much joy during times when we absolutely NEED IT THE MOST.

  1. Late night snacking
  2. App games
  3. Online shopping
  4. Lunch dates with girlfriends
  5. Ordering takeout food multiple times a week
  6. An extra scoop of ice cream
  7. One more glass of wine
  8. Sleeping in late on the weekends
  9. The perfect selfie
  10. Reading TMZ
  11. Celebrity crushes
  12. Scrolling back to the first photo on a crush’s Instagram account
  13. Disney movie binging
  14. Eating an entire bag of Doritos
  15. Facebook stalking
  16. Reading your town’s crime blotter in the local paper
  17. Following @bestofnextdoor on Twitter
  18. The Tiger King
  19. Tabloid Magazines
  20. Having a secret YouTube account that nobody in your life knows about
  21. HGTV and Food Network
  22. Eating dessert before dinner
  23. Knowing everything about a celebrity feud
  24. Pretending to house hunt
  25. Playing Animal Crossing
  26. A visit to Sephora
  27. Solving serial killer podcasts before the answer is revealed
  28. Arriving late to a function you don’t to be attend
  29. Reality Television
  30. TikTok
  31. Organizing your house the way you want
  32. Flirting with a stranger
  33. Listening to someone with a British accent
  34. Late night greasy food
  35. Chocolate. Period.
  36. Pinterest Recreating
  37. Social Media
  38. Binge watching a show
  39. Skipping out on a diet
  40. Vacation planning
  41. Acting out a sexual fantasy you’ve always had
  42. Pimple popping
  43. Cosplay
  44. Treating their pets as their children
  45. Spending an incredible amount of money on beauty supplies
  46. Snuggling into that perfect hotel bed and pillow combo
  47. Putting things in an online cart and then never purchasing
  48. Eating raw cookie dough
  49. Eating breakfast for dinner
  50. Taking all the soaps from a hotel room
  51. Listening to 80s music
  52. A fuzzy robe
  53. Singing in the car as loud as you can
  54. Knowing every line to your favorite movie
  55. Fast food restaurants
  56. Eating Nutella right out of the jar
  57. Trashy romance novels
  58. The perfect bubble bath
  59. The Kardashians
  60. Regifting an awful gift

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What’s your guilty pleasure?

what is your guilty pleasure

As I mentioned above, not everyone will have the same guilty pleasures. In fact, I’d expect that most of us will have a very different guilty pleasures list if we all sat down and created our own.

But that’s the beauty of the world, right? Different opinions and strokes for different folks! Isn’t that what they say?

I would love to hear what kind of guilty pleasure examples you lean on when you need a boost of energy or joy pumped into your life. What do you like to do late at night?


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