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75 Daily Things To Do Instead Of Social Media

We all get sucked into the abyss that is the Internet. Heck, I make a living online! But sometimes, it’s best to just unplug and unwind. Here are 75 things to do instead of social media that will fill your day and your soul whole.

things to do instead of social media

75 Daily Things To Do Instead Of Social Media

Do you have an iPhone? Does it judge you once a week and let you know how much time you’ve spent looking at your screen?

When I see that total sum looking back at me … I am always so disappointed! But here’s the truth – it’s not even the most accurate number because I watch a lot of YouTube on my main TV. I’m old school like that. I like the big screen!

That’s why I thought it was important for me to write this list up. I love to come up with ways to either connect with other humans or to tune into my inner passions.

Things To Do Instead Of Social Media

This summer, I posted an article highlighting hobbies couples can do as a team – which I am working through as we speak. Have you checked that out yet?

How about my guilty pleasures list? That’s a good one if you are looking to indulge just a bit.

If you have kids, my summer bucket list for teens is a fun one for them! Make sure you head over to give it a read. But for now, let’s talk about why it’s important to unplug from the internet – even if it’s just for a third of our day.

take a break from social media

Is it good to take a break from social media?

It is very healthy to take a break from social media – especially nowadays. When everyone initially claimed their Facebook accounts, people were just posting photos of their children and their pets. Today, it looks and feels very different.

There is the concept of FOMO – the fear of missing out. You open up your feed and are hit with a big party in town that you weren’t invited to!

Well, why weren’t you invited to that social gathering? It never feels good to see a group of friends together that you know. After a while, it starts to feel unhealthy to watch these events happening from afar. Because of this, I’ve actually stopped posting whenever I meet up with friends. If I don’t like the way it feels, it must not be nice to see my pictures either, right?

There’s constant tension on all platforms. The country is at the peek of unrest. People are constantly fighting online with no hopes of meeting in the middle. If you are someone who can’t handle that sort of energy, it might be too much for you to absorb for 15 hours a day.

And then, there is the perfection filter that everyone likes to wear. How exhausting to see everyone pretend that their lives are one big “Leave it to Beaver” sitcom. After a while, it just wears on you! Ask me how I KNOWWWWWW. That’s why I constantly seek out different things to do instead of social media.

internet break

What can I do instead of mindless scrolling?

There are so many different things you can do instead of mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. In fact, here are 75 different ideas to help get you started. If you are in need of suggestions, here are my top things to do instead of social media:

  1. Go for a walk
  2. Cook a new recipe
  3. Clean out your refrigerator
  4. Listen to a new podcast
  5. Call a friend
  6. Visit grandma
  7. Take up painting
  8. Head to the mall and window shop
  9. Go for a hike
  10. Go fishing
  11. Join a book club
  12. Start a book club
  13. Write a book
  14. Do laundry
  15. Garden
  16. Visit a local farmer’s market
  17. Do the crossword puzzle
  18. Go on a rainbow scavenger hunt
  19. Clean out your junk drawer
  20. Write in your journal
  21. Meal plan
  22. Set your daily intentions
  23. Make a to-do list
  24. Work on a DIY project
  25. Go on a photography walk
  26. Start to check off your to-do list
  27. What’s something you’ve never had time for? Do that.
  28. Head to the beach
  29. Create a gratitude list
  30. Go the park and just people watch
  31. Go to a cafe and eat alone
  32. List several items on eBay
  33. Meditate
  34. Go through your mail
  35. Attempt to learn a new language
  36. Learn sign language – even just the alphabet
  37. Learn to draw something that you love
  38. Play an instrument that you’ve always wanted to try
  39. Sudoku
  40. Try origami – how about origami butterflies
  41. Set your monthly goals for the upcoming month
  42. Go on a nature walk
  43. Design a t-shirt
  44. Give yourself a nice stretch
  45. Take a bubble bath
  46. Create a new playlist
  47. Start a YouTube channel – here’s my latest
  48. Take a nap
  49. Take your pet for a walk
  50. Play with your pet
  51. Sign up for a gym class
  52. Indulge in your favorite treat
  53. Do a face mask
  54. Get a manicure / pedicure
  55. Reorganize your makeup
  56. Check the expirations of your food in your pantry
  57. Clean out your closet
  58. Clean under your sink
  59. Clean your basement
  60. Clean out your inbox
  61. Make a cup of tea
  62. Pray
  63. Volunteer
  64. Do yoga
  65. Start a blog
  66. Sit in slience
  67. Reconnect with your husband
  68. Have sex
  69. Dance around your house like no one is watching
  70. Play a board game with the kids
  71. Play solitaire
  72. Plan your next day
  73. Try on your clothes and see what still fits
  74. Practice self care
  75. Make a bucket list

This is just a small sample of things to do instead of social media. Believe me, the more you think about it, the more you can personally curate your own personal list of things to help fill your day!

mindlessly scrolling

How do you kick a mindless scrolling habit?

If you still find yourself constantly reaching for your phone here are three tips to help you break that habit of mindlessly scrolling:

  1. Do not automatically reach for your phone first thing in the morning or right before you go to bed. You have to make the decision – it will be hard – to STOP YOURSELF from doing this. Instead, change the habit. Get up, go outside for a bit, and sit on your stoop or porch. Have a cup of coffee first. Do ANYTHING but go on social media. It will be a HARD THING TO DO – but this is how you break habits. You will FEEL it until you don’t.
  2. Turn off all notifications. There should be NOTHING popping up on your screen. My friends HATE me but I don’t get any notifications and sometimes it takes me a long time to respond to text messages. I am the WORST. But I also don’t feel connected to my phone in that sense. I am not someone who will just text and DM all day. I’m not being rude. I just don’t have the energy for it. So, I don’t allow for those notifications.
  3. Fill your day with other things. I tell my children this all the time. Stop watching other people live their lives. You are wasting your time watching other people live. That is what is happening while you are scrolling for hours and hours. You are sitting on your couch – literally not moving – while watching other people live these great days. WITNESS AND ACCEPT THAT. Once you do, you will stop it. I can promise you. I love to go online for inspiration – cooking recipes, motivation, tips. YES! But I will never go online to swoon over fancy clothes and big cars. Not my cup of tea.
75 things to do instead of social media

Things To Do Instead Of Social Media

I hope this post gave you a bit of inspiration today to try something new. It doesn’t have to be about traveling to a new country because that’s not where we are right now as a society. I’m just saying… maybe make some homemade oatmeal today? That’s what I’m doing.

I’m cooking a lot. I’m cleaning a lot. I’m spending a ton of time outside in my backyard. I’m writing. I’m with my kids so much that they are literally sick of me.

But what I am NOT doing is watching other people travel and flaunt an excess life because that is no longer in my hemisphere. That show is canceled. Instead, I spend my days doing things that bring me joy and avoiding what doesn’t … and what doesn’t is NOISE.

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